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FY 2025 Advertised Budget Plan - Volume 1: General Fund

Complete Volume 1: General Fund

Volume 1: General Fund Agency Budget Documents


Financial Schedules

·   Chart - General Fund Receipts

·   Chart - General Fund Disbursements

·   General Fund Statement

·   Summary General Fund Direct Expenditures

Summary of General Fund Expenditures by Program Area

Legislative-Executive Functions/Central Services

·   Program Area Summary

·   Board of Supervisors

·   Office of the County Executive

·   Department of Clerk Services

·   Department of Finance

·   Department of Human Resources

·   Department of Procurement and Material Management

·   Office of Public Affairs

·   Office of Elections

·   Office of the County Attorney

·   Department of Management and Budget

·   Financial and Program Auditor

·   Civil Service Commission

·   Office of the Independent Police Auditor

·   Office of the Police Civilian Review Panel

·   Department of Tax Administration

·   Department of Information Technology

  Judicial Administration

·   Program Area Summary

·   Circuit Court and Records

·   Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney

·   General District Court

·   Office of the Sheriff

 Public Safety

·   Program Area Summary

·   Department of Cable and Consumer Services

·   Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court

·   Police Department

·   Office of the Sheriff

·   Fire and Rescue Department

·   Department of Emergency Management and Security

·   Department of Animal Sheltering

·   Department of Code Compliance

 Public Works

·   Program Area Summary

·   Facilities Management Department

·   Business Planning and Support

·   Capital Facilities

 Health and Welfare

·   Program Area Summary

·   Department of Family Services  

·   Health Department

·   Department of Neighborhood and Community Services

 Parks and Libraries

·   Program Area Summary

·   Fairfax County Park Authority

·   Fairfax County Public Library

 Community Development

·   Program Area Summary

·   Economic Development Authority

·   Department of Economic Initiatives

·   Department of Planning and Development

·   Department of Housing and Community Development

·   Office of Human Rights and Equity Programs

·   Department of Transportation


·   Program Area Summary

·   Unclassified Administrative Expenses

·   Employee Benefits 


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