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Tenant-Landlord Publications, Brochures, Checklists, and Videos

The Consumer Affairs Branch provides advice, information, and guidance for tenants and landlords. Though staff cannot provide legal advice, they can provide guidance to help resolve your complaint. Below are resources understanding your rights and responsibilities.

Tenants and landlords have the responsibility to understand the requirements of law and the provisions of the lease agreement. This handbook is designed to supplement the lease agreement and offer information and resources to be an informed tenant or landlord.

The county created the Eviction Prevention Task Force to provide assistance to vulnerable residents by bringing together county agencies and nonprofit partners in an effort to connect residents to eviction prevention information and data tools. This information will help you if you are experiencing a financial setback.

Before you rent a place to live or before you rent a place you own, you need to understand what’s in a lease agreement.  Rights, responsibilities, and obligations should be clearly stated in the lease agreement. Review the Lease Checklist, before you rent, so you are aware of the items that should be addressed and get links to tenant-landlord laws. 

The Tenant Resource Sheet provides information for tenants so they know which county agency to call if they need assistance with repair or maintenance problems in their rental dwelling.

What Tenants and Landlords Need To Know answers many of the questions frequently asked by tenants and landlords and provides links to applicable laws and resources. This brochure is offered by the Tenant-Landlord Commission and the Consumer Affairs Branch.

Whether you’re renting an apartment, townhouse, condominium or single family home, you can save money by improving the energy efficiency of your rental dwelling. Read Energy Saving Tips for Renters to find out how.  

Before you rent a room, read Renting a Room in Fairfax County for information to help you select a room that best meets your needs.


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