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CSB Internship Opportunities

Instructions for submitting applications for internship placements

Our programs and departments provide internship opportunities for students in prevention, outpatient, day treatment, outreach/engagement and residential treatment settings, as well as, placements in the central services, administrative and executive offices.

CSB internships are unpaid.

We interview interns at any time during the calendar year. You should apply at least 3-4 months prior to the start of your placement, whenever possible. Historically more applicants apply than there are placements available.

The internship program is a competitive process and student candidates are selected based on academic performance, applicable experience and professional skills which match the needs of the placement.

Due to the large volume of resumes we receive, we will only be able to contact those applicants who are being considered for an available spot to come in for a personal interview.

What to Expect as a CSB Intern

Support. You will be matched with departments/programs based on your specific area of interests. You will be assigned an on-site supervisor who has the credentials required by the school or credentialing board to provide qualified supervision (if applicable).

Regular schedule. Most placements are available Monday through Friday, during regular working hours (with occasional evening hours). There are very few placements that occur only in the evening/on the weekend, and even those will usually require that you work at least several hours one day per week. You will receive hands-on experience in the field and/or in an office setting.

Gain professional experience. All student interns will become a part of a multidisciplinary treatment team at their placement site. Learning opportunities will be based on the requirements of your academic or credentialing program, your prior experience, and the focus of the program. Your time spent as an intern at the CSB will be meaningful and relevant to your career field, which may lead to future employment.

Ongoing Internship Opportunities at the CSB

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There are a variety of internship positions at the CSB. Professional development and learning opportunities for internships will vary depending on the role, examples of tasks that you may perform include:

  • Facilitating psychoeducational groups.
  • Performing case management while working within the parameters of cultural and demographic factors.
  • Observing individual, group and family counseling or psychotherapy.
  • Taking part in staff meetings and/or clinical rounds, including presenting cases.
  • Completing screenings, intakes and biopsychosocial assessments and evaluations.
  • Conducting program needs assessments, data analysis and outcome measures.
  • Participating in/organizing community health and wellness fairs or events.
  • Performing community outreach and/or public relations tasks for special initiatives.
  • Developing marketing initiatives to aid in program promotions.
  • Cultivating program management skills and work on special projects as needed.

Internships are one of the many ways in which the CSB is helping to build the next generation of professionals. Internships are available for a semester or the entire school year. CSB internships are unpaid.

If your program of study includes any of the following concentrations, you are highly encouraged to apply for a CSB internship:

  • Substance abuse and mental health prevention and treatment.
  • Program administration, operations and management.
  • Research and data analysis.
  • Human services and/or public health.
  • Undergraduate/graduate Internships.

A vast majority of CSB internship opportunities are ideal for students enrolled in undergraduate/graduate degree programs. CSB internship opportunities for undergraduate/graduate students change frequently and are very competitive.

Our programs provide opportunities for individual and group work in prevention, outpatient, day treatment, outreach/engagement and residential treatment settings, as well placements in the central services, administrative and executive offices.

Nursing Preceptorships

Applicants for Advanced Practice-Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Preceptorship opportunities with the CSB must be licensed registered nurses in an academic Clinical Nurse Specialists or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Master's nursing program.

Nurses in this preceptorship work a minimum of 8 hours per week, with most interns needing to provide 12-16 hours per week to meet placement criteria.

Psychiatric Residencies

Applicants for Psychiatric Residencies with the CSB must be fourth year psychiatry residents.

Eligibility Requirements for Interns

Before you submit your resume for consideration to one of the CSB’s ongoing internship opportunities, you must meet the minimum requirements to be considered an intern. Only apply if you are:

  • An individual enrolled in an academic institution or certification program who is required to complete 100 hours or more of a practicum or internship placement.


  • An individual who has completed a Master's program in psychology, social work or related field and is seeking supervision and clinical placement for state licensure or certification.

Please do not apply unless you are enrolled in a program requiring an internship or are completing a professional credential requiring an internship or residency.

Depending on the type of internship position that you select, there may be different requirements to determine your eligibility. However, all interns must:

  • Be at least 18 years or older to apply for an opportunity.
  • Be able to commit to the time specifications for the role that they select.
  • Have the necessary skills to perform the responsibilities of their role.
  • Have reliable transportation to get to their internship site.
  • Be able to clear all background checks and health screenings.
  • Be able to attend/complete all required trainings for their selected role.
  • Be able to maintain confidentiality and professional boundaries.
  • Be friendly, dependable and punctual.
  • Be enrolled at a college/university which has a contractual agreement in place with the CSB.

Screening and Onboarding Process for Interns

VIVA! Program staff work hand-in-hand with individuals seeking to become volunteers at the CSB. Our staff work diligently to ensure that all individuals are properly screened, selected and placed in programs that match their knowledge, skills, abilities, and interests.

For students at institutions of higher learning, staff must also make sure that the selected CSB program site matches the academic and placement requirements of their school or licensure/credentialing. This procedure ensures fair and equitable screening and selection processes.

Our process is designed to provide safeguards for the care of individuals who are served by the CSB, and they reflect the CSB’s commitment to providing high quality, structured and supportive learning opportunities consistent with CSB and DBHDS requirements.

In general, individuals interested in becoming a CSB intern should expect to:

  • Complete an online application which includes your school information.
  • Participate in at least two interviews – one with the VIVA! Program staff and one with the supervisor for the internship.
  • complete onboarding paperwork, including written consent for background checks to be performed; and to complete required trainings.
  • Provide results from a TB test (students may visit their own provider, or they may utilize the CSB's complimentary services to receive clearance through the Fairfax County Department of Health).

The CSB has many applicants who are applying for internship opportunities, and it is a competitive selection process.

If you are selected for an internship opening, a conditional offer will be given. Final offers for a placement are contingent on satisfactory completion and results of all required references, background checks, and TB test.

Copies of the applicable regulations regarding the screening and onboarding process can be requested by contacting the CSB (703-324-7000).

  • CSB Regulation 2024, Criminal History Background Investigations
  • CSB Regulation 2611, Intern Procedure, CSB Regulation 2024, Criminal History Background Investigations
  • CSB Regulation 2612, Volunteer Procedure
  • CSB Regulation 3040.8, Observation/Recording of Service Delivery to Consumers

I’m Ready to Take Action!

How do I get started?

❶   Review the eligibility requirements above. It is important to make certain that you satisfy the minimum requirements before you apply for an internship opportunity.

❷   Verify with your school or program. You must be enrolled in a class requiring an internship or are completing a professional credential requiring an internship or residency. Confirm that your school/program has a contractual agreement in place with the CSB.

❸  Submit your resume. You should submit a cover letter, resume/CV and written academic program requirements for internship. Email your resume to the VIVA! Program Manager

❹  The CSB VIVA! Program Manager will contact you for next steps. We will review your application and contact you to discuss the next steps to joining our network of dedicated interns. Because of the volume of applications, we will only contact candidates who best match the needs of the program with an intern opening to come in for an interview.

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