Interactive Map - Communities (Places) and Towns



How to Use the Map

To pan: Click left mouse button and hold. Move the mouse to pan across the map.
To zoom: Use the scroll bar to zoom in and out, or double click to zoom in to a particular location.
To get information: Click the left mouse button once to select a feature. Additional features can be selected. Click again to unselect feature, or click "Clear Selection" button to clear all feature selections. Data will appear in table below map.
To download information: After selecting features, click "Save Selection" button to export data for selected features. To export data for all features, click "Save All" button.
To search: Click next to the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the window. Type in an address, place, or ZIP Code and hit enter.

Data Source: Fairfax County Department of Management and Budget; Economic, Demographic and Statistical Research.
Note: Fairfax County totals may vary due to rounding.


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