Interactive Map - ZIP Code

The Demographic Interactive Mapper offers user-friendly access to the most current demographic data for Fairfax County. This data includes total population estimates, 5-year population forecasts, commercial gross floor area, and housing units categorized by type, age, and market value. The web application provides summaries of parcel-level economic and demographic estimates and forecasts, produced by Fairfax County’s in-house developed Integrated Parcel Lifecycle System (IPLS). The Mapper and its source data are updated annually.

This interactive tool allows users to zoom, pan, search, select multiple features, and export data. Users can explore and download demographic data at various geographical levels as described below.



How to Use the Map


To pan: Click left mouse button and hold. Move the mouse to pan across the map.
To zoom: Use the scroll bar to zoom in and out, or double click to zoom in to a particular location.
To get information: Click the left mouse button once to select a feature. Additional features can be selected. Click again to unselect feature, or click "Clear Selection" button to clear all feature selections. Data will appear in table below map.
To download information: After selecting features, click "Save Selection" button to export data for selected features. To export data for all features, click "Save All" button.
To search: Click next to the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the window. Type in an address, place, or ZIP Code and hit enter.

Data Source: Fairfax County Department of Management and Budget, Integrated Parcel Lifecycle System (IPLS) 2023.
Note: Fairfax County totals may vary due to rounding.

For detailed methodology, refer to Appendix A in Demographic Reports.


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