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Rebecca Moudry,
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Art Access


Description: Access to the arts has been shown to increase economic activity nearby, improve neighborhood social capital, increase land values, and contribute to positive educational outcomes.  Cultural, performing, and public art all also contribute to place making and vibrancy.

Performance Measures: 

  • Number of Art Venues Located within a Quarter Buffer of Activity Centers – counts the number of public art venues located within a quarter mile of all activity centers.
  • Percent of Art Venues Located within Activity Centers to Total Number of Art Venues in Fairfax County – measures the percent of public art venues that are located within all activity centers to total number of public art venues within Fairfax County.

Data: Interactive Map – Performing and Visual Arts Venues in Washington Metropolitan Region

Interpretation: 19% of all public art venues in Fairfax County are located within an activity center.  There was no increase or decrease in total number of art venues in within all activity centers.  For more information about art venues in Fairfax County, visit ARTSFAIRFAX.

Source: Fairfax County Department of Information Technology – Geographic Information Systems

Arts venues within a 1/4 mile of activitiy centers.

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