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DFS Spotlight: Kathryn Harlow

(Posted 2023 February)

Meet Kathryn!

Position: Domestic and Sexual Violence Counselor, Domestic and Sexual Violence Services, Fairfax County Department of Family Services

Kathryn HarlowIn my role I provide free short-term counseling services for survivors and secondary survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, stalking and human trafficking. And I provide services both individually and I run a sexual violence support group.

I am a registered art therapist and licensed professional counselor. Prior to working with the county, I provided home-based services for families who’ve experienced sexual trauma and trauma within the family. And then within the county, I provided trauma therapy for survivors and secondary survivors.

This job provides an opportunity to be part of helping people recover from traumatic experiences. The most rewarding aspect of my work is getting to work with individuals in crisis and high need of support and getting to offer them resources and services they might not otherwise have access to and to get to bear witness to their healing process.

DFS’ values align with my own. I decided to work for the Department of Family Services and specifically for DSVS because the values of the agency really lined up with some of the values I had coming into the field, and because it allows me to serve a population I was always really passionate about working with. 

You’ll never get stagnant working for DFS! Other people should consider working with DFS because they really encourage expanding your knowledge through training opportunities. You get to work with other departments and learn how different agencies work and operate. And there’s really a diversity of wealth and experience and knowledge on each of the teams.

There is such thing as a work-life balance. My hobbies are being outside, being with friends. I like to exercise. I like to make my own art. I like to read. Those are the things I do to decompress after a long day. I’ve even found time to run three marathons!

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