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Operating Status for Department of Family Services (DFS) Programs and Services

Skip the trip! Although most of our services are not being provided in-person at this time, we continue to offer services online and by phone. Learn more about our Assistance from a Distance.

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Skip the Trip! Receive Assistance from a Distance Online or by Phone

Skip the Trip - Continue to Receive Assistance from a Distance Online or By Phone

DFS cares about the safety and well-being of individuals and families and will continue to provide assistance from a distance. Below are the variety of services available to you without having to leave the safety of your home.

Children, Youth and Families

  • Child Protective Service (CPS)
  • Parent Support Line, Kinship Navigation Line
  • Parenting Tips, Videos and Podcasts
  • Virtual Classes and Support

Older Adults

  • Adult Protective Services (APS)
  • Aging, Disability and Caregiver Resources
  • Meals on Wheels

People with Disabilities

  • Services and Resources for People with Disabilities

Domestic and Sexual Violence Services

Self-Sufficiency - Medical and Financial Benefits; Career/Employment and Training Services

  • Apply Online for SNAP, Medicaid and more!
  • Ways to Turn in Your Documents
  • Other Ways to Receive Help
  • Career/Employment Services

Information About Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Fairfax County

Get the most up-to-date information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Fairfax County.

Department of Family Services' Community Corner

Welcome to the Department of Family Services' Community Corner, where you’ll find timely information about upcoming events, parenting and wellness tips, programs and services, and more! Share these helpful posts with your friends and family.

back of child looking downWe All Need to Help Protect Children During COVID-19

COVID-19 has turned everyone’s lives upside down. The isolation has caused many families to lose their support networks, which has been especially stressful for families with children. As a result, some children may be at higher risk of harm. Others may not be safe because there isn’t a responsible adult who can watch or take care of them. Learn more about what to consider if you suspect child abuse, how to make a report, and resources to help

The Fairfax County Child Protective Services (CPS) HOTLINE (703-324-7400) is a HELP Line and is available 24-hours, 7 days a week. Please call if you:

  • are concerned about a child's well-being.
  • want to report or discuss a possible abuse or neglect situation.
  • want advice, counseling, resources or help.

If a child is in immediate danger or is under the age of 7 and unsupervised, please call 911 for an immediate response.

Virginia Career Works Webinar Blitz Series 2020 August graphic bannerNeed Help Getting Your Next Job? Register for the Free Career Webinar Series Providing Helpful Employment and Training Information

Each day, Monday, Aug. 3 through Friday, Aug. 7, Virginia Career Works will have a free webinar covering a different topic: How to Write an Effective Resume; Virginia Career Works Program; Expanding Your Career with Occupational Skills Training; and Exploring Telework. Learn more about each topic and register to participate in the free webinars.

Department of Family Services - Parenting 101 video graphicParenting 101 Video: Praise

The Parenting Education Programs answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) from parents on topics like discipline, self-care, family routines and more. The latest video shares about the importance of setting expectations for your children’s behavior and why you should praise them for keeping it up. Check out this video and past videos.

Adrienne WilliamsMeet Adrienne Williams, DSVS Hospital Accompaniment and ADAPT Volunteer

Adrienne believes that, "Volunteering is a way to pay it forward." 

Learn more about why Adrienne volunteers with Domestic and Sexual Violence Services.


thermometer ouside near landscapingCooling Assistance

Are you in need of a little help to keep cool this summer? Apply for Cooling Assistance for low income households - get help with bills, equipment, repairs, and more. To be eligible, at least one household member must be: 60 or older, 5 or younger, or disabled according to Social Security, Medicaid or 100% Veteran’s Administration. Learn more.

three staff members holding signs: you are not aloneDomestic and Sexual Violence Services' Staff Share a Video Message: You Are Note Alone

During the COVID-19 crisis, you - or a loved one - may be experiencing domestic or sexual violence. You may feel trapped, like there is no one to help. But the Department of Family Services' Domestic and Sexual Violence Services is here for you - always - and you are not alone. To find out how we can help, call the Fairfax County Domestic and Sexual Violence 24-Hour Hotline 703-360-7273. Check out the video message.

person sitting at desk looking at laptopTeletherapy: Domestic and Sexual Violence Services Counseling from a Distance

Counseling helps people feel stronger, safer, less afraid and more hopeful. But seeking help takes effort and courage. That is why we make it easy for you to access services. Our counselors speak English and Spanish, and we use interpreters for other languages, including American Sign Language. And starting July 2020, we also offer a teletherapy option. Learn more about teletherapy.

You Are Not Alone - Virtual Parent Cafe graphic - adult and childParent Café Provides Community of Support

Virtual Parent Cafés are a great way for parents to learn from each other as they grow in their parenting skills. All Parent Cafés are open to Fairfax County parents or guardians with children ages 0-18 years old. Join us on Mondays 7:45-9:15 p.m. for English speakers and Wednesdays 7-8:30 p.m. for Spanish-speaking families. Please email or call us at 703-324-7720 to register at least one business day before the Parent Café. Learn more about how Virtual Parent Cafés provide a community of support to parents.

Pocket Dad Video graphicPocket Dad Video: Staying Connected to Your Kids Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Father Engagement Unit share some of the fun ways they are engaging with their kids, ranging from elementary to high school age. These experiences will help build their relationships well into the future. Check out this video and past videos.

child wearing outfit with bandana sittingDFS Parenting Education Programs Answers Their Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about parenting that you wish someone could help you with? Are you frustrated with some parenting challenges and need a listening ear? Staff from the Fairfax County Parenting Education Programs answers parents’ frequently asked questions and at the Parent Support Line 703-324-7720, Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Judy, Valerie, JimFairfax 50+ Podcasts

Jim Person hosts Fairfax 50+ Podcasts covering a wide range of topics that are of special interest to older adults. Check out the last few podcasts: Insight Memory Care Center Pivots to Virtual; Older Adults and the "New Normal" of Coronavirus; Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) Summer Highlights; Neighbors Helping Neighbors in the Spring Hill Community Village; Fairfax County Villages with Rhiannon Duck; How to Use Technology to Stay Social While Social Distancing; and Coping with Social Isolation During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program SNAP graphicFood Assistance Available

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) provides food assistance. SNAP recipients receive an EBT card (Electronic Benefits Transfer card) to buy food from authorized retailers.

Get more information about SNAP.

Learn about the EBT card and its ConnectEBT app.

DFS continues to provide a variety of services to individuals and families through assistance from a distance. Learn about what is available and how we can help. Information is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Farsi, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese.

two people sitting side by side by waterBe a Support System to Loved Ones Affected by Domestic and Sexual Abuse During COVID-19

Family and friends can do a variety of things to support a loved one who is being abused, starting with a call to the Fairfax County Domestic and Sexual Violence 24-Hour Hotline 703-360-7273. Check out the full list of ways to provide support.

You Are Not Alone video - four people speakingYou Are Not Alone - Video Message from Domestic and Sexual Violence Services

Just a reminder: During COVID-19 - and at all other times - the Department of Family Services division of Domestic and Sexual Violence Services is here for you, and you are not alone. Call us on the Fairfax County Domestic and Sexual Violence 24-Hour Hotline 703-360-7273. Check out the video message.

Golden Gazette graphicGolden Gazette - Fairfax County's Senior Community Newspaper

Check out the 2020 August newsletter: learn about the story of a woman who went to the March on Washington; Volunteer Fairfax Service Award Winners; pandemic affects on individuals needing involvement of the local circuit courts; Medicare 101 Virtual Workshop; tips for cleaning and disinfecting at home during COVID-19; Senior Community Services Employment Program (SCSEP); Respite to Recharge responding to child care needs of kinship caregivers during COVID-19; gardening; upcoming online learning opportunities; caregiver support; Fairfax County's Scam Slam topics; programs on Channel 16; what's listed in the community calendar and more!

Foster Family News graphicFoster Family News - Current and Potential Fairfax County Foster Parents

We have many wonderful foster parents serving children in Fairfax County. Our monthly Foster Family Newsletter provides a window into the experiences of foster parents, children in care, and resource workers who support them. Check out the 2020 July newsletter: Foster Family in Focus: Lesley Field; Supporting African American Children in Foster Care; Kelley Traver Selected as Reunification Hero; DFS Parenting Education Programs Answers FAQs; Spotlight on South County Foster Care & Adoption Unit; Advice for Youth in Foster Care; Frequently Asked Question: What Do I Do if My Child Gets Sick?; and more! 

The Volunteer Post Newsletter graphicThe Volunteer Post Newsletter - Volunteer & Partner Services (VPS)

We have many wonderful volunteers and donors helping children and families in Fairfax County. Department of Family Services' The Volunteer Post Newsletter provides a glimpse into the many ways to get involved in making a difference and supporting families. Check out the 2020 Summer newsletter: What's New - VPS Has Gone Virtual!; Program Highlights - Volunteer & Partner Services - Meet Our Team; Volunteer & Partner Recognition - Volunteer Service Awards 2020; Partners and Donors - Thanks for the Amazing Community Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic!; and more!

2020 Census Be Counted graphic with handsImprove the Quality of Life in Our Community, Complete the Census Today - Everyone Counts

Wondering how you can improve the quality of life in our community? Of the many things you can do, one of the easiest and most important is to fill out your census form in April. You can complete the Census online, phone or by mail.

For each resident who does not respond to the census, Fairfax County could lose $12,000 in potential funding over the course of a decade. Learn more about the Census. #FFXcounts

Department of Family Services graphic logoFairfax County Department of Family Services is on Facebook

Follow us on Facebook at @FairfaxCountyFamilyServices for news, events, tips, stories and training opportunities. We support families and county residents of all ages and stages of life. Join our online community and engage with us through social media. #FairfaxCountyFamilyServices

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