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Operating Status for Department of Family Services (DFS) Programs and Services – Skip the Trip and Get Assistance from a Distance Online or By Phone

Skip the Trip - Continue to Receive Assistance from a Distance Online or By Phone

DFS cares about the safety and well-being of individuals and families and we are still here for you. Although most of our services are not being provided in-person at this time, we continue to offer services online and by phone.

Skip the trip! Learn more about DFS' Assistance from a Distance – a variety of services available to you without having to leave the safety of your home.

Children, Youth and Families

  • Child Protective Services (CPS)
  • Parent Support Line, Kinship Navigation Line
  • Parenting Tips, Videos and Podcasts
  • Virtual Classes and Support

Older Adults

  • Adult Protective Services (APS)
  • Aging, Disability and Caregiver Resources
  • Meals on Wheels

People with Disabilities

  • Services and Resources for People with Disabilities

Domestic and Sexual Violence Services

  • Domestic and Sexual Violence 24-Hour Hotline
  • Advocacy Services
  • Hospital Accompaniment
  • Teletherapy

Self-Sufficiency - Medical and Financial Benefits; Career/Employment and Training Services

  • Apply Online for SNAP, Medicaid and more!
  • Ways to Turn in Your Documents
  • Other Ways to Receive Help
  • Career/Employment Services

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Department of Family Services' Community Corner

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Foster Care and Adoption unit group photo of seven peopleUnit Success Stories: Success Can Be the Smallest Steps 

Foster Care and Adoption unit supervisor, Melody Vielbig explains that throughout her many years of work in foster care, she has loved celebrating small moments of success with so many children, youth, and families. Check out one of Melody's unit’s unconventional success stories and learn about a youth who found strength inside of herself to make strides in gaining independence and improving her mental health. Learn about becoming a foster parent or contact Dr. Patricia Aviles-Cubillos

Susan Hogan in newsroomVirtual Annual Scam Jam 2021 Friday, April 23 (9-11:30 a.m.)

The Fairfax Silver Shield Task Force along with AARP are gathering top experts and law enforcement officials to present at a free informational virtual Scam Jam. The event will be hosted on Zoom. The keynote speaker is Susan Hogan, consumer investigative reporter for NBC News4. Her remarks will focus on how individuals can outsmart scammers. 

Presenters and exhibitors will discuss scams targeting Virginians, such as internet, telephone and mail fraud. The COVID-19 rescue and vaccination schemes, and the latest identity theft shams. Registration is required.

“Speak Up; Be Safe” During Child Abuse Awareness Month

Check out this Healthy Minds podcast with Francesca Watson, Dept. of Family Services’ Body Safety Program Coordinator, and Lori Harkin Huse, LCSW, London Towne Elementary School as they discuss how adults can engage in important conversations with children about body safety. Find out about boundaries, choices, big feelings, mandatory reporting, the impacts of trauma, and adverse childhood experiences during this powerful podcast. 

Get more information and resources.

You Are Not Alone Virtual Parent Café graphic - two adults with baby playing with a ballFree Virtual Parent Café (English) Monday, April 26 (7:30-9 p.m.)

Virtual Parent Cafés are a great way for parents to learn from each other as they grow in their parenting skills. All Parent Cafés are open to Fairfax County parents or guardians with children ages 0-18 years old. Sign up by sending an email or call 703-324-7720 to register at least one business day before the Parent Café date. Learn more about Virtual Parent Cafés and check out future dates.

screenshot of video Free Parenting Resources - family of four taking a pictureVideo – Free Parenting Resources and Support

The Department of Family Services offers a variety of free parenting resources such as parenting classes, home visiting, support services, and even an online video series of parenting tips. These programs and services help strengthen families and promote a stable and nurturing home environment for children. Learn from some participants how these prevention programs have made a difference in their lives. Learn more about this in our videoGet more parenting tips and resources from our Parenting 101 video playlist.

You Are Not Alone Virtual Parent Café graphic - child hugging dadFree Virtual Parent Café (Spanish) Tuesday, April 27 (7-8:30 p.m.)

Virtual Parent Cafés are a great way for parents to learn from each other as they grow in their parenting skills. All Parent Cafés are open to Fairfax County parents or guardians with children ages 0-18 years old. Sign up by sending an email or call 703-324-7720 to register at least one business day before the Parent Café date. Learn more about Virtual Parent Cafés and check out future dates.

Thank You words inside circle overlaying chevron backgroundNational Volunteer Week

The Department of Family Services is grateful for the many wonderful volunteers who give of their time and talents to provide support to our community. Thank you for your service!

Check out the DFS programs and services' thank you messages posted to our Facebook page!

adult and two children sitting on skateboardFree Dads Parenting Classes Starts Monday, May 3 (6-8:30 p.m.)

Fathers, like mothers, play a significant role in their children’s psychological and emotional development. Our free Dads Parenting Classes can help participants to be the best fathers they can be. Give yourself the gift of self-care by taking our upcoming virtual class. The virtual sessions are open to Fairfax County residents or dads with children living in Fairfax. Learn more about Dads Parenting Classes or contact Bennie Herron 703-324-7308 or Champana Bernard at 703-324-3611.

video screenshot of KaderSurvivor Stories Video – Kader

“Real love does not hurt.” That’s one of the most important takeaways domestic violence survivor Kader learned from her experience in an abusive marriage. Kader’s advocate from Domestic and Sexual Violence Services understood the complexities of her situation and helped her make it from victim of intimate partner abuse to survivor. Learn more about Kader's story of survivalNote: This video contains details from the survivor's personal story that may be disturbing or triggering.

Check out more survivor stories and other videos from Domestic and Sexual Violence Services. Get information about services and resources by calling Fairfax County’s Domestic and Sexual Violence 24-Hour Hotline 703-360-7273. #SurvivorStories

Step Up 4 Kids, Make a difference for children who witness domestic violence - logo graphicVideo – Step Up 4 Kids Caring 4 Kids: Child Abuse and Neglect (Spanish)

COVID-19 le ha cambiado la vida a todos. El aislamiento ha causado que muchas familias hayan perdido su red de conecciones, y esto ha sido especialmente duro para las familias con niños. Si usted es un adulto que trabaja con niños como profesor, como consejero, como entrenador, como tutor, como un leader de grupo juvenil, o como amigo de la familia; usted está en una posición magnifica para tener un impacto positivo en la vida de estos niños y de las familias con las que usted trabaja. Mira este video y otros videos.

Obtener más información sobre la iniciativa Step Up 4 Kids, visite o llame a la línea directa de servicios de violencia doméstica y sexual del condado de Fairfax 703-360-7273.

two adults and toddler sitting at table looking at laptopBody Safety Program Offers Free Virtual Classes

The Body Safety Program is now offering free virtual classes to any Pre-K through sixth grade students living in Fairfax County. Using the Childhelp® Speak Up Be Safe curriculum, trained facilitators help children build safety skills, preparing them to identify risks such as, child abuse, bullying, and internet predators. If you're interested in learning more about or scheduling a virtual class(es), contact Francesca Watson by email or call 703-324-7459. Learn more about the Body Safety Program.

teenager sitting looking out window holding cell phoneHow to Know When Your Child has a Mental Health Concern

Many parents are concerned about how children are handling the usual trials and challenges of growing up alongside the major changes that the coronavirus pandemic has brought to every aspect of our lives. Healthy Minds Fairfax has some advice for how to monitor children’s mental health. Learn about signs to look for and where to get help. (EnglishSpanish) 

two people signing documents on tableLong-Term Care Facility Discharges – What You Need to Know

Being discharged from a long-term care (LTC) facility can cause a mixture of feelings for a resident and their families. Many are happy at the thought of returning home, while others are confused about the discharge process. All LTC facilities must provide notice of discharge to a resident, or authorized decision maker, in writing. The discharge regulations vary between a nursing facility and assisted living. Learn more about LTC facility discharge and what to expect.

Liz Murphy and Mark Heinitz looking at photosFostering Children Never Grows Old

No matter your age, you can impact the community through opening your heart and home. For Liz Murphy and her husband Mark Heinitz becoming foster parents was fulfilling and life changing. Loving and helping children in need also cultivated understanding and compassion in their own two young daughters. Learn more about Liz and Mark's story.

Child Abuse Prevention Month, Building Stronger Families, A safe and healthy childhood lasts a lifetime, Department of Family Services pinwheel garden in front of libraryChild Abuse Prevention Month Pinwheel Challenge

Join us in the Pinwheel Challenge throughout April! Blue pinwheels are reminders that children deserve a safe and healthy childhood. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and we want to show kids we’re here for them by displaying  pinwheels across our county. Check out the creative ways you can create pinwheels as a family right from the comfort of your own home. Post a photo of your pinwheel(s). #PinwheelChallenge #FairfaxCountyFamilyServices #ChildAbusePreventionMonth #BuildingStrongerFamilies

silhouette of people5 Ways to Talk About Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual violence is a major public health, human rights and social justice. But what’s the best way to talk about Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) with others? These five tips can help you get startedLearn more about sexual assault and how you can help prevent it, call the Fairfax County Domestic and Sexual Violence 24-Hour Hotline 703-360-7273. 

room with two chairs, table plant, wall art, floor lampProgram Spotlight: Counseling Services

Counselors in Domestic and Sexual Violence Services specialize in creating safety, understanding violence, providing tools for coping, healing from traumatic experiences, strengthening supportive relationships, and supporting people to talk through whatever problems they have. Learn more about how Counseling Services can help.

older adult sitting at table using tabletWorking to Reduce the Technology Gap Among Older Adult

One year ago, senior centers in Fairfax County were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, the Virtual Center for Active Adults launched so that older adults and adults with disabilities could stay connected by participating in virtual classes and events. One major barrier for successfully participating in events is a lack of technology skills or fear of technology among older adults. Recognizing this, VCAA staff and their partners have been working to remove this barrier. Learn more about how VCAA overcame the challenge.

Bethany ShivelyWords from Fairfax County Foster Care and Adoption Association (FCFCAA)

Bethany Shively, Fairfax County Foster Care and Adoption Association (FCFCAA) President, provides suggestions for ways that the community – friends, neighbors, churches, co-workers, and others – can help to support foster parents, and a reminder to foster parents to reach out to their networks for that support. Check out Bethany's message.

Caregiver Webinar Video - Developmental Disability Resources During COVID 19 screenshotVideo: Webinar for Family Caregivers of Older Adults – Developmental Disability Resources During COVID 19

Check out the latest caregiver webinar video about the resources available to people with developmental disabilities and their family caregivers during COVID-19.

exercise hand weights and shoes5 Tips for Beating Burnout

If you find yourself easily irritated, short on patience and unable to concentrate, you may be experiencing burnout, which happens when your basic human needs are not being met for an extended period because of stress. But you can do something about this! Check out the five tips to learn how to beat burnout.

screenshot of mentor and menteeThank You for Going Virtual, Facilitators!

Learn about how the Volunteer and Partner Services (VPS) Body Safety program has transformed its daily operations in response to COVID-19 to offer virtual services for families. This has allowed us to continue our relationships with families in need of this service. Learn more about the Body Safety program going virtual

Child Abuse Prevention Month, Building Stronger Families, A safe and healthy childhood lasts a lifetime, Department of Family Services - pinwheel graphic, photo of different age childrenApril is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Visit our 2021 Child Abuse Prevention Month website for resources related to the theme #BuildingStrongerFamilies. The most important thing we can do to help children thrive is to support families before they reach a crisis. Effective prevention and early intervention programs can help to provide that support. Learn more about Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month banner graphicApril is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

SAAM raises awareness about sexual violence, educating our community on how to prevent it and sharing resources available to those impacted by sexual assault. Everyone is affected by sexual assault. Nearly 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will be the victim of sexual violence at some point in their lifetime. This makes it especially crucial to begin talking about consent and healthy relationships when our children are young, and to continue having these discussions throughout the course of our lives. Learn more about SAMM and sexual assault and how you can help prevent it or call the Fairfax County Domestic and Sexual Violence 24-Hour Hotline 703-360-7273, TTY 711.

group of five teenagers smiling holding notebooksThe “Factors that Matter” for Children and Youth

According to Three to Succeed, if each young person in Fairfax County has at least one protective factor at home, at school, and in the community, it will improve their odds for success. Foster parents have an opportunity to be that one person at home who can help support a child to make healthy decisions and cope well with life’s stresses. Learn about these and all of the factors that matter

Kathy JonesKathy Jones and the Best Kept Secret In Fairfax—CERT

Meet retired Fairfax Area Agency on Aging employee, Kathy Jones. Throughout her life, she has cared for others in many ways. To those who know her, it came as no surprise when she decided to learn life-saving techniques from the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program. According to Kathy, it should no longer be the best kept secret in Fairfax. Learn more about Kathy's story and CERT.

Tiffani PegueseAlex HernandezVolunteer & Partner Services Shares About Staff Additions

Learn about the new VPS staff additions! Volunteer and Partner Services is committed to the work we do to support families involved with the Department of Family Services’ Children, Youth and Families Division. These team members bring passion and expertise to support the services VPS offers the community. Meet Tiffani Peguese and Alex Hernandez

Foster Family News graphicFoster Family News for Current and Potential Fairfax County Foster Parents

We have many wonderful foster parents serving children in Fairfax County. Our monthly Foster Family News newsletter provides a window into the experiences of foster parents, children in care, and resource workers who support them. Check out the 2021 April newsletter: Words from Fairfax County Foster Care and Adoption Association (FCFCAA); How to Know When Your Child has a Mental Health Concern; Unit Success Stories: Success Can Be the Smallest Steps; Support After an Adoption; and more!

Golden Gazette newsletter banner graphicGolden Gazette Newsletter Covers a Variety of Topics Concerning Older Adults and Caregivers in Fairfax County

Check out the 2021 April newsletter: Fostering Children Never Grows Old; Raising a Relative’s Child? You Are Not Alone; Help Shape the Future of Your Community and Neighborhood!; Working to Reduce the Technology Gap Among Older Adult; Long-Term Care Facility Discharges – What You Need to Know; Recognizing Volunteers During an Unprecedented Year; Be Kind to Those with a Hoarding Disorder – Especially If That Person is Yourself!; Medicare Virtual Workshop; Understanding the Dates on Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card; Finding Caregiver Support; Surviving Pandemic Anxiety: The Power of Positive Thinking; Community Calendar; and more! 

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) banner graphicCOVID-19 Impacts Volunteer Tax Assistance

Due to safety precautions and health care guidelines during the pandemic, the IRS has determined that the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Tax Counseling for Elderly (TCE) programs will not be operating at full capacity, with many sites temporarily closed for an undetermined period of time. There are several alternative ways for eligible residents to receive free income tax filing assistance - online or by phone. Learn more about what kind of assistance is available.

collage of seven different people side by sideFree Employment and Training Webinar: How to Write an Effective Resume Monday, May 3 (11 a.m.)

Learn how to catch an employer's eye, be conspicuous in a crowd, and highlight your skills and accomplishments in a resume that will get you the job interview. Register for this webinar and learn more about other upcoming webinars.

laptop cell phone decorative plants virtual generic virtual event graphicFree Virtual Event: Caring for You, Caring for Me Starts Monday, May 3 (1-3 p.m.)

This five-session virtual program is a blend of interactive support and education for caregivers of older adults. The program focuses on advocacy and care for both the caregiver and care recipient. Participants report increased feelings of confidence and competence in their caregiving role after attending this program. Learn more and register for this virtual event.

You Are Not Alone Virtual Parent Café graphic - child hugging dadFree Virtual Parent Café (Spanish) Tuesday, May 4 (7-8:30 p.m.)

Virtual Parent Cafés are a great way for parents to learn from each other as they grow in their parenting skills. All Parent Cafés are open to Fairfax County parents or guardians with children ages 0-18 years old. Sign up by sending an email or call 703-324-7720 to register at least one business day before the Parent Café date. Learn more about Virtual Parent Cafés and check out future dates.

older adult holding grandchild outsideFree Virtual Kinship Support Group Thursday, May 6 (6:30-8 p.m.)

Are you raising a child for a family member or friend? If you answered “yes,” you are a kinship caregiver, and you are not alone. Support groups provide encouragement and foster a sense of community among kinship caregivers. Groups meet virtually each month, usually on the first and third Thursday between 6:30-8 p.m. For more information or to participate, send an email or call 703-324-7720. Check out the full list of Virtual Kinship Support Groups meeting dates.

Virtual 50+ Employment Expo flyer graphic Free Virtual 50+ Employment Expo Friday, May 7 (10 a.m.-2 p.m.)

If you're over fifty and looking for employment, attend the Virtual 50+ Employment Expo by using Zoom.

–Network with area employers.
–Attend free workshops.
–Learn new job-search skills.
–Visit with multiple employers with available full-time and part-time salaried job opportunities.

Registration is free. Learn more about the Virtual 50+ Employment Expo.

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