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If you're interested in learning the dates for upcoming classes, webinars, workshops, meetings, groups and/or discussions,

An Ombudsman Can Help with Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility Concerns (2020 August)

New Virtual Parent Café Offered with African American Cultural Focus (2020 August)

We All Need to Help Protect Children During COVID-19 (2020 August)

Food Assistance Available (2020 August)

You Are Not Alone, A Message from Our Staff - Domestic and Sexual Violence Services (2020 July)

Register for the Free Career Webinar Series Providing Helpful Employment and Training Information (2020 July)

Parent Café Provides Community of Support (2020 July)

You Are Not Alone - Video Message from Domestic and Sexual Violence Services (2020 July)

Volunteer & Partner Services (VPS) Has Gone Virtual (2020 July)

Teletherapy: Counseling from a Distance - Domestic and Sexual Violence Services (2020 June)

Cooling Assistance (2020 June )

Giving Parents the Right Tools: African American Parenting Classes and Dads Parenting Groups (2020 May)

Mandated Reporter Tips for Mandatory Reporters for Child Abuse and Neglect (2020 April)

Are You (or Someone You Know) Experiencing Unemployment Locally? (2020 March)

Self-Sufficiency Assistance from a Distance - Financial and Medical; Employment and Training (2020 March)

Children, Youth and Families Assistance from a Distance - Resource Hotlines, Virtual Classes, Parenting Tips, Videos, Podcasts  (2020 March)

Department of Family Services (DFS) Assistance from a Distance - How to Access DFS Services Remotely During the COVID-19 Pandemic  (2020 March)

Employment Services for Mature Workers (2020 February)

Three Free Ways to Find Caregiver Help this Fall (2019 September)

Domestic Violence Action Center (DVAC) Open in North County (2019 September)

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