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Stay connected with the Department of Family Services to find out how staff, volunteers and partnerships are helping our community!

Kinship Caregiver Stories: Maimouna and Alfred – Starting Over with a Toddler (2021 September)

Recognizing Colleagues and Employees on National Addiction Professionals Day: Meet Michael Schut, Peer Recovery Specialist (2021 September)

Fairfax County Holds Virtual Graduation Ceremony (2021 September)

Pickleball is Fun, Friendly and Competitive (2021 September)

Being A Foster Parent: Supporting Children and Their Families (2021 September)

Kinship Caregiver Stories: Mr. A – Finding the Joy in the Struggle (2021 September)

Partner Spotlight: Legal Services of Northern Virginia (2021 September)

Unit Success Stories: Staff Helps Teen and Mom Restore Relationship and Safely Reunify (2021 September)

Kinship Caregiver Stories: Marijoy and Daniel – Growing Closer to Support Each Other (2021 September)

Volunteer Voices – Meet Maci Nordone, Hospital Accompaniment Support Advocate and ADAPT Volunteer (2021 September)

Partner Spotlight: Legal Services of Northern Virginia (2021 September)

Kinship Caregiver Stories: Mr. A – Finding the Joy in the Struggle (2021 September)

Being A Foster Parent: Supporting Children and Their Families (2021 September)

Video: Survivor Stories Video – Doug (2021 September)

Unit Success Stories: Saying "Yes" Without Hesitation (2021 August)

The Wedding Singer's Magical Moment (2021 August)

Volunteer Voices  Meet Emily Hendrickson, Data Analyst Volunteer (2021 August)

Partner Spotlight: The Women's Center (2021 August)

Foster Care Family Appreciation (2021 August)

Unit Success Stories: An Emergency Relative Foster Placement Leads to a Permanent Home (2021 July)

Stuart Hill Stays in Tune with Life by Doing What He Enjoys (2021 July)

Brenda Klimavicz Shares Her Creative Energies to Benefit Community (2021 July)

VPS Partners with Churches to Provide Food Delivery to Area Families (2021 July)

Video: Survivor Stories Video – Ana (2021 July)

Thanks to Our Mentors and Tutors (2021 July)

5 Things About Julie Bowman, the New Program Manager for Resource and Support (2021 July)

Volunteer Voices – Meet Bindi Mandava, Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline Volunteer (2021 July)

Young Men Continue to Serve Community During Pandemic (2021 July)

Partner Spotlight: Inova Forensic Assessment and Consultation Team (FACT) Department (2021 July)

Volunteer & Partner Services’ Receives Large Donations of Baby and Hygiene Items (2021 July)

Video: Survivor Stories – Kader (2021 July)

BeFriend-A-Child Exercise and Dance Party (2021 July)

Diane Watson: Community Champion Award Winner (2021 July)

VPS Volunteers Nominated for the 2021 Fairfax County Volunteer Service Awards (2021 June)

Herman "Smitty" Smith Unites Community (2021 June)

Program Spotlight: Domestic and Sexual Violence Services Administration Team (2021 June)

Video: A Volunteer’s Story: Building a Stronger Community (2021 June)

Learn About Rylynn the Facility Dog (2021 June)

Volunteer Voices – Meet Nancy Lee, Hotline & Hospital Accompaniment Support Advocate (HASA) (2021 June)

Curious About Juneteenth? (2021 June)

BeFriend-A-Child Celebrates Black History Month (2021 June)

Video: Overcoming the Odds, a Family Reunited (2021 June)

6th Annual Volunteer and Partner Appreciation Event Goes Virtual (2021 June)

Striving to Thrive, Not Just Survive (2021 June)

Department of Family Services Welcomes New Facility Dog (2021 June)

Program Spotlight: Countywide Coordination Team (2021 May)

2021 Fairfax County Foster Parents of the Year (2021 May)

Unit Success Stories: Defining Success – Adaptability in the Face of a Pandemic (2021 May)

Jason Kim: Helping Others as a Meditation Practice (2021 May)

Volunteer Voices – Meet Alex Karam, Counseling Group Facilitator (2021 May)

Volunteer Voices – Meet Katherine Bartz HASA and Legislative Review Volunteer (2021 April)

Video: Survivor Stories – Kader (2021 April)

Unit Success Stories: Success Can Be the Smallest Steps (2021 April)

Fostering Children Never Grows Old (2021 April)

Domestic and Sexual Violence Services Program Spotlight: Counseling Services (2021 April)

Video: Survivor Stories – Valisha (2021 April)

Kathy Jones and the Best Kept Secret in Fairfax—CERT (2021 March)

Thank You for Going Virtual, Facilitators! (Volunteer & Partner Services) (2021 March)

Social Workers are Essential (2021 March)

Volunteer & Partner Services Shares About Staff Additions (2021 March)

Volunteer Voices – Meet Alli Somasunduram, Administrative Volunteer (2021 March)

Video: Survivor Stories – Kari (2021 March)

Rebuilding Together Specializes in Accessibility Modifications (2021 March)

Sheryl Sims and the Fabric of Her Life – Art Quilting (2021 March)

BeFriend-A-Child's Virtual Trip to Disneyland (2021 March)

Older Adults Choose Foster Parenting: Make a Difference for Youth! (2021 March)

BeFriend-A-Child Program's Virtual Paint Party (2021 March)

Volunteer Voices – Domestic and Sexual Violence Services Program Spotlight: Community Engagement Services (2021 March)

Adopt-A-Family Shatters Records for Giving (2021 March)

Warmth for the Winter (2021 March)

Volunteer Voices – Meet Norma Williamson, ADAPT Facilitator Volunteer (2021 February)

Teen Gift Drive Exceeds Expectations (2021 February)

Bonnie Kern Fairbank Trades Tap Shoes for White Wig (2021 February)

Adoption Snapshots – Meet the White Family (2021 February)

The Gravel and Grit of Olander and Margaret Banks (2021 February)

Robert N. Keifert: A Life of Taking Care of Those He Loves (2021 February)

The Quest for Researching African American Ancestors (2021 February)

Spotlight on the South County Foster Care Unit (2021 February)

Meet Monty Johnson Hotline, Court Accompaniment & Legislative Review Volunteer (2021 January)

La Tika Jeffery 2020 Adoption Excellence Award Honoree (2021 January)

Charting a Course for the New Year with No Regrets, Meet Debra Tinker (2021 January)

Spotlight on the Adoption Unit (2020 December)

Using a White Cane – Symbol of Blindness and Independence (2020 December)

Volunteer Solutions Greeting Cards Encourage Older Adults (2020 December)

Volunteer Voices – Meet Ellie Carlson, Hospital Accompaniment Support Advocate (HASA) and Anger and Domestic Abuse Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT) Volunteer (2020 December)

Adoption Snapshots – Chirino-Mendez Family (2020 December)

Meet James A. Westray (2020 December)

Meet Ruhi Ahmed, Volunteer Solutions' Volunteer (2020 December)

Adoption Snapshots Tell a Story – Meet the Smith Family (2020 November)

Adoption Snapshots Tell a Story – Meet the Parker Family (2020 November)

Volunteer Voices – Meet Dianna Escobar, DSVS Volunteer for the DSV Hotline and DSVS Outreach (2020 November)

Foster Care and Adoption – Meet Adame (2020 November)

Adoption Snapshots Tell a Story – Meet the Lindo-Allen Family (2020 November)

Meet Veteran James Arthur Keaton, Sr. (2020 November)

Adoption Snapshots Tell a Story – Meet the Lawson Family (2020 November)

Meet Veteran and Family Caregiver Mike Keel (2020 November)

Volunteer Voices – Meet Joan Meagher, DSVS Court Advocate Volunteer (2020 October)

Foster Family News Fostering Futures: La Tika Jeffery (2020 October)

Volunteer Voices – Meet Joanne Spriggs, Court Advocate Volunteer (2020 September)

Spotlight on South County Foster Care & Adoption Unit (2020 August)

Fairfax County Channel 16 Video - Turning Point Suffragist Memorial Association (2020 August)

Kelley Traver Honored by the American Bar Association as a Reunification Hero (2020 August)

Foster Family in Focus: Lesley Field (2020 August)

Volunteer Voices – Meet Adrienne Williams, DSVS Hospital Accompaniment and ADAPT Volunteer (2020 August)

Meet the New Volunteer & Partner Services Team! (2020 July)

Spotlight on Adoption and Kinship Assistance Unit (2020 June)

Volunteer Voices – Meet Fawne Bello, Domestic and Sexual Violence Services Volunteer (2020 June)

Meet the Dredges - 2020 Foster Parents of the Year (2020 June)

Spotlight on the Pre-Service Training & Home Study Unit (2020 May)

A Staff Tribute to All Foster Parents (2020 May)

Volunteer Voices – Meet Allison Lowry, Domestic and Sexual Violence Services Volunteer (2020 May)

Foster Family in Focus: Shelley and Scott Daniel (2020 April)

Spotlight on the Annandale Foster Care Unit (2020 April)

Volunteer Voices – Meet Vic Batson, Domestic and Sexual Violence Services Volunteer (2020 April)

Spotlight on the Foster Care Case Carrying Unit for the Central Region of Fairfax County (2020 March)

Volunteer Solutions - Video Call Ends in Heartwarming Surprise (2020 March)

Fostering Success: Joel Choi (2020 February)

Spotlight on the In-Service Training and Home Study Unit (2020 February)

Story Cloths Speak for Survivors of Trauma (2020 February)

Volunteer Voices - Mandi, Domestic and Sexual Violence Services Volunteer (2020 February)

Foster Family in Focus: Carissa and Rouse Barker (2020 January)

Spotlight on the Permanency and Life Skills Unit (2020 January)

Volunteer Voices – Meet Gulira Alieva, Domestic and Sexual Violence Services Volunteer (2019 December)

Channel 16 Mature Living "Sharing Our Stories" - Competitive Sports at any Age (2019 November)

Channel 16 Mature Living "Sharing Our Stories" - Michelle Calhoun Blandburg (2019 September)

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