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Planning, Planting and Maintaining Edible Gardens Resource Guide

There are many different types of gardens: community, school, faith, hospital, etc., that can benefit a community. With proper planning and attention, these gardens can grow just about anywhere from roofs to parking lots to the grounds of a building. This guide provides resources for groups wishing to develop a garden that will flourish and provide a bounty of fresh, healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Fairfax County VA Growing Facts

2019 Workshop Materials

2018 Workshop Materials

Finding and Starting a Community Garden

Where Can I Find Technical Assistance?

Where Can I Send a Soil Test?

Where Do I Find Sources for Funding?

What Resources Are Available for Teaching Kids About Gardening?

How Do I Make a Garden Elderly and Handicap Accessible?

Where Can I Donate Fresh Produce?

Ideas for Faith Communities

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