Green Spring Gardens

Fairfax County, Virginia

CONTACT INFORMATION: Gate locked at 5 p.m.

4603 Green Spring Road
Alexandria, Virginia

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Community Garden Plot Rental Program

The mission of the Fairfax County Park Authority Community Garden Plot Rental Program is to give Fairfax County residents the opportunity to garden.

Our policy of ‘next plot, next person’ for our registration list ensures a healthy mix of backgrounds and a fair distribution of plots. The Garden Plot Program is on the forefront of the One Fairfax Initiative. Our garden tenants represent the full range of diversity that is present in the County, including all socioeconomic strata.

The Fairfax County Park Authority rents more than 700 garden plots in ten county parks to Fairfax County residents on an annual basis. Gardeners who keep their plots in compliance are offered renewal leases for subsequent years in all garden plot parks except Hogge Park where rentals are only for one year

Complete and submit the form on this page to register for a garden plot. You may choose more than one park.

Register for a Garden Plot

Please keep in mind:

  1. Only one plot is permitted per household.
  2. You must be a Fairfax County resident in order to rent a garden plot.
  3. The mailing address of your residence is required. Renewal contracts are sent each year by U.S. Mail to verify Fairfax County residency.
  4. A working email address is required. Contract offers are sent by email, as are time-sensitive notices, including non-compliance notices.

Use the link above to sign up to rent a garden plot through the Fairfax County Park Authority. The date you submit your request will be kept in our database. When a plot becomes available, you will be emailed in turn (first on the list, first notified - some preference is given at Hogge Park for proximity to the park). If you are not reachable by email or if you have not accepted the plot within the designated timeframe (usually 4 or 5 days), the vacant plot will be given to the next person on the list and your name will be removed.

Garden Size, Costs, Accessibility, and Plot Renewals

Size: Most plots are approximately 20’ x 30’ and are surrounded by their own fence, with their own gate and lock. The exception is at Hogge Park, where raised beds are located inside one communal fence with a shared gate and lock – each rental plot is 6’ x 9’ at Hogge Park only.

Cost: Large plots rent for $140 each year, and carry the responsibility of maintaining the fence, gate, and lock if you use one. Small plots rent for $80 per season, with the communal elements such as fence, gate, and lock provided and maintained by the Park Authority.

Accessibility: All plots are accessible during daylight hours, 365 days per year, unless special conditions require park closure.

Plot Renewals: Large plots may be renewed annually if the plot is kept in compliance with the program rules. Small Community Plots at Hogge Park are rented for one season only. At the end of the season, Hogge gardeners may register again (at the end of the list) and will be sent another plot offer when their name comes up again.

Comparison of Large and Small Rental Plots

Garden Plot Locations

View an interactive map as well as a list of garden plot locations.

Garden Plot Rules and Guidelines

Large Plot Garden Rules and Guidelines apply to the following parks: Baron Cameron, Broyhill Crest, Eakin, Franconia, George Mason, Grist Mill, Lewinsville, Nottoway, and Pine Ridge.

Small Community Plot Rules and Community Commitment apply to Hogge Park only.

Large Plot Garden Rules and Guidelines

Small Community Plot Rules and Guidelines

Contact Information

Garden Plot Program

The Garden Plot Coordinator, Patricia Dietly, may be reached at or 703-642-0128 (TTY Va. Relay 711).

The Fairfax County Garden Plot Program is administered by the Community Horticulture Office at:
Green Spring Gardens
4603 Green Spring Road
Alexandria, VA 22312

Please note that front desk staff at Green Spring Gardens cannot process garden plot payments or assign plots. These tasks must go through the Garden Plot Coordinator.



For information on availability of leaf or wood mulch, visit Free Mulch.  

Fairfax County Police Non-Emergency Number  

Theft or other illegal activity at garden plot sites should be reported to the Fairfax County Police at the police non-emergency number, 703-691-2131, or the Fairfax County Police Department's online Community Reporting System (CRS). Garden Plot renters are also asked to file a Fairfax County Park Authority Incident report if applicable. Please contact the Garden Plot Coordinator for additional information.  

Removal of Invasive Plants  

If you are a current garden plot renter and would like to be part of a volunteer effort to monitor and remove encroaching vegetation from your park, please contact the Garden Plot Coordinator. Programs are currently underway at Pine Ridge and Nottoway Parks.

Things to know:

  • Only Fairfax County residents and Fairfax County-based organizations are eligible to rent a garden plot. Our rule is only one plot per household or organization.

  • The mailing address of your residence or organization is required. All contracts are sent by U.S. Mail in order to verify Fairfax County residency.

  • For Hogge Park only, preference is given to gardeners who live closest to Hogge Park. For all other host parks, only the date of registration is considered when plot offers are made.

  • Offers are sent by email. A working email address is required in order to rent a plot.

  • When a potential gardener is offered a particular plot, he or she may accept or decline the offer. If the offer is declined or if no response is given within the allotted time for reply, the person is retired from the registration list. The time allotted to reply to an offer is usually about 5 calendar days, and usually includes a weekend.

  • Persons who are retired from the registration list may re-apply and will thereby be relocated to the end of the list.

  • Names remain on the list from year to year, until a plot is offered.

  • Gardeners may not transfer a plot or a plot offer to another gardener. All plot assignments are made by the Garden Plot Coordinator to persons on the Registration List.

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