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Fred Selden,

Dulles Suburban Center - Submission DSC-D3-1

Wall Road

DSC-D3-1 MapSubmitted by:
Sara Mariska, Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley & Walsh, P.C.

General Location:
Northwest of the intersection of Wall Road and Centreville Road


Tax Map Parcel #:
24-4 ((1)) 6C1

8.08 acres

Supervisor District:
Sully District

Adopted Plan Recommendation:
(Please see Land Unit D3, pgs. 93-96, for full text) This land unit is planned for high-quality, campus-style office uses in the range of .50 to 1.0 FAR. As an option, a training facility or hotel/conference center may be appropriate if integrated with existing office uses and oriented away from Centreville Road. As an option, mixed use up to .70 FAR may be considered to create a high quality mixed use node where office, retail and residential uses are provided. Other uses, such as institutional, may be appropriate. The mixed use development option B states that the development should include at least 5-10% of retail/office use.

Proposed Change:
To revise the mixed use development option B to remove the 5-10% of retail/office use in order to replace 76,600 square feet of approved retail uses and 40,600 square feet of approved office uses with 100 single-family attached dwelling units.

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