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DPD PLUS Information & Support

The Planning and Land Use System (PLUS) is a new multi-agency platform for Fairfax County customers to complete their zoning, building, permitting or other land development processes online. Through the PLUS platform, customers will create and submit applications online, pay fees, track application status, and receive electronic notifications. Customers and county staff will use PLUS to review applications and conduct searches. PLUS will be implemented in four phases or releases and when complete, PLUS will serve as a unified source of information for industry and the general public, eliminating the silo-effect of different systems that cannot communicate with each other.

PLUS Application Portal

PLUS can be used to track current applications, make changes to these applications or to start a new application.

Please Note: Microsoft Edge is the supported browser for PLUS.


DPD specific applications or processes that have moved to PLUS and are now accepted digitally are listed in the sections below by release (click to expand).  You may also click on an application/process name to view the individual webpage for more detailed information.  Information will be updated as each PLUS release goes live.

Training & Resources

DPD PLUS User Guides

The DPD PLUS user guides below provide information on creating and managing a PLUS user account and guidance on performing various DPD related activities using the PLUS system:

Planning Division - PLUS User Guide

Zoning Administration Division - PLUS User Guide

Zoning Evaluation Division - PLUS User Guide 

PLUS Video Overview and Guide

Frequently Asked Questions


For more information on the PLUS project and additional resources, please visit the PLUS Support Center.

If you have technical questions or need assistance using the PLUS system, please contact the Help Desk:

If you have questions or need assistance from DPD staff with submitting an application in PLUS, please contact:

Fairfax Virtual Assistant