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Public Facilities Review

Fairfax County's public facilities review is guided by the Public Facilities Element of the Comprehensive Plan, which aims for a balance between the county's future land use intensity and facility quantity, and the location of new facilities to maximize accessibility while minimizing neighborhood impact. 

Learn more about the 2232 review process, how to submit an application and associated fees on the individual pages below:

Telecommunication Facilities

A telecommunication facility is defined as a facility, site, or location that contains one or more antenna, telecommunications towers or monopoles, a distributed antenna system (DAS), micro-cell or other miniaturization technology, alternative support structures, satellite dish antennas, other similar communication devices, and related equipment and site improvements used for transmitting, receiving, or relaying telecommunications signals. 

Non-Telecommunication Facilities

Public facilities are the facilities required to support the services and functions provided by the county government or public utility companies. Such facilities are essential to support the community and its development and to enhance the overall quality of life.

AREP Facilities

An application for the installation of a new structure with small cell facilities that meets the requirements under subsection 4102.4.Y of the Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance will be processed as a type of Administrative Review-Eligible Project (AREP).

2232 Review Process

The term "2232 Review" is derived from a Code of Virginia requirement under Section 15.2-2232. The County's 2232 Review Process determines the compatibility of proposed public facilities with the locational guidelines established in the Comprehensive Plan. Specifically, this process determines if the general or approximate location, character and extent are in substantial accord with the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan.

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