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Planning and Zoning Related Land Development Letters to Industry

Planning and Zoning related Land Development Letters to Industry are announcements distributed through e-mail regarding development policy and information in Fairfax County.

Please note:  Letters and notifications that are no longer valid or have been superseded since their publication have been removed from the archive. 

Letters to Industry (Department of Planning and Zoning)

Number Subject Date
No. 18-09 Bay Windows 6/30/2018
No. 18-03 Shape Factor in the R-C District, Increase in Residential Building Height and Minor Lot Line Adjustments 2/2/2018
No. 18-02 Existing House Location Plats 1/8/2018
No. 18-01 Compliance with the Minimum Yard and Location Requirements of the Zoning Ordinance 1/8/2018
No. 17-07R Single Issue Zoning Amendments 9/6/2017
No. 17-05 Policy on the Consideration of Paved Materials to Construct Trails in Lieu of Stone Dust or Natural Surfaces 5/2/2017
No. 09-12 Zoning Ordinance Amendment ZOA-09-419 on Single Family Detached Dwelling Grade (Height Certifications for Single Family Detached Dwellings) 9/15/2009
No. 08-20 Procedures for highlighting revisions to development plans and plats for pending zoning applications and requests for proffer interpretations 10/1/2008


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