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Fred Selden,

McLean CBC Study - Open Space Questionnaire

Open Space Types
Click on the image above to enlarge.

Open Space Types Questionnaire

Please review the Open Space Types photos above and complete the questions below.  Be sure to indicate the photo number and category in your responses where appropriate.

1.  Which photos overall do you think best represent the open space types that you would be likely to use in the CBC? 

2. Which characteristics of these open space types do you like and why?

3. Which characteristics of these open space types do you dislike and why?

4. What open space types (top categories) do you think are most appropriate for the CBC and why?

5. Do you think open space in the CBC is more vital for active use (gatherings, programmed events and celebrations) or for passive use (reflection, buffered areas, green opportunities without programming)

6. What kinds of open space amenities/features/programs do you think are necessary in the CBC?