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Fred Selden,

McLean Community Business Center Study - Submissions

We are now accepting suggestions for land use change to the Comprehensive Plan for the McLean Community Business Center (CBC). Proposed suggestions can offer either site-specific recommendations or area wide guidance for further consideration. Below is a link to the submission form. Please refer to the instructions on page three of the submission form for contact information and how to submit completed forms.  Proposals should be submitted to the Department of Planning & Zoning staff by November 15, 2018.  


The McLean CBC Task Force will recommend changes to the Comprehensive Plan for the McLean CBC based on the community’s vision and will consider the submitted suggestions for land use change.  The task force is currently scheduled to preview the submissions at its November 19, 2018 meeting.  Planning staff will provide basic information regarding each submission at this meeting.  The task force plans to conduct an in-depth review of the submissions at its January 14, 2019 meeting.  Please refer to the meetings page for specific dates, times and locations of task force meetings.  Those submitting proposals will be invited to present at a task force meeting.  Planning staff will contact submitters to arrange the presentations.