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Current 2013 Work Program Plan Amendments

Minor Plan Amendments

These amendments involve smaller geographies, typically a small consolidation of properties or a land unit, or a section of a roadway.

  1. 2017 Heritage Resources Plan Updates (2017-CW-4CP)
  2. 8800 Richmond Highway (2018-IV-MV2)
  3. Giles Run/Lorton-Laurel Crest Connector Road (S11-CW-T1)
  4. Innovation Center Station (North), Dulles Suburban Center, Land Units L-1 and L-2 (2017-III-DS1) 
  5. McLean CBC Subarea 29 (S13-II-M2) 
  6. Newington Road (2015-IV-T1)
  7. Northern Virginia Training Center Site and State Police Site (2017-III-P1)
  8. Oakwood Services International, 7210 Braddock Road (2018-I-A1)
  9. Roberts Road (2018-II-F1)
  10. Shirley Gate Road Extension (2016-III-T1)
  11. Sky View Drive (2017-IV-MV1)
  12. Topgolf Site, Kingstowne Area (2015-IV-RH1)
  13. Woodlawn CBC (2014-IV-MV2)
  14. Woodlawn Fire Station (2018-IV-MV1)

Activity Center or Neighborhood Amendments

Areawide Plan amendments involve larger geographic areas, which may include planning districts or one or more activity centers.

  1. Dulles Suburban Center Area Study (2013-III-DS1)
  2. Embark Richmond Highway (2015-IV-MV1) 
  3. Fairfax Center Area, Phase III, Core Area (203-III-FC1(C))
  4. Lincolnia Planning District Study - Phase III: Lincolnia Community Business Center (CBC) Land Use and Transportation Analysis (2013-I-L1(C))
  5. Parks Comprehensive Plan Update (S11-CW-3CP(B))
  6. Public Schools - Plan Map Update
  7. Transportation - Transit Study (2013-CW-T4)
  8. Pohick Planning District and Planning Sectors (2013-III-P1)
  9. Lower Potomac Planning District and Planning Sectors and Lorton South-Route 1 Suburban Center (2013-IV-LP1)
  10. Plan Map:  Residential Planned Communities  

Countywide and Policy Amendments

Policy amendments address countywide policy guidance and objectives.

  1. Economic Success (2017-CW-3CP)
  2. Green Building  - Energy Policy Plan Update (2017-CW-2CP)
  3. Office Building Repurposing, Phase II (2017-CW-5CP)
  4. Public Facilities, Governmental and Institutional Comprehensive Plan Map Update (2013-CW-5CP)
  5. Suburban Center Classification (2013-CW-1CP)
  6. Tidal Shoreline