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John Kellas,
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Recycling at School

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Public and private schools located in Fairfax County are required to recycle mixed paper and cardboard.

Public Schools

In addition to mixed paper and cardboard, the county's public schools recycle glass bottles and jars, metal food and beverage cans and plastic bottles and jugs.  They also collect fluorescent lamps for recycling. For more information, see the public school's official site.

Private Schools

If you belong to a private school and want to collect materials beyond mixed paper and cardboard, you should start by talking to your principal about expanding the existing program.

In order to expand the program, you will need to:

  • purchase collection containers and place them in classrooms
  • have a designated recycling dumpster for additional materials
  • advertise your program
  • work with students and teachers to separate materials in classrooms, office and library
  • establish a contract with your custodial staff detailing collection
  • develop a collection schedule with an established recycling company or self-haul materials to a recycling drop-off center.
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