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John Kellas,
Deputy Director, Solid Waste Management

Trash Collection and Disposal Industry

Solid Waste Operational Changes to Protect Front-line Workers

Effective Monday, March 30, 2020, Changes to Solid Waste Collection Requirements in Fairfax County

These changes apply to all private haulers (90 percent of county) and county collections customers (10 percent).

  1. The requirement to collect yard waste is suspended.
  2. The 30-day prior notice requirements for change of collection schedule or services is suspended. Collectors must still notify customers and the county as soon as possible if changes in schedule are being made.
This portion of the website is intended for companies that collect and/or dispose of solid waste.
If you are a resident looking for information about private or county solid waste collection services, see the Residential Recycling and Trash section.
Permitted Solid Waste Companies | County Collection Customers

Solid Waste Advisories

The county uses solid waste advisories to communicate with the local waste industry and its customers. These advisories are formal notices of policies, clarifications of policies or rules, events, or other information that collection and disposal companies need to perform their work.

Active Advisories

  • SWA 17-006 Registering With the Food Waste Composting Pilot Program - replaced by SWA 18-002
  • SWA 09-007 Approval of Alternative Yard Waste Recycling Systems for Townhouse Communities - replaced by SWA 17-001
  • SWA 09-006 Penalties for Nonsubmittal of Annual Recycling Rate Report from Companies with Certificates-to-Operate - replaced by SWA 17-004
  • SWA 07-002 Approval of Alternative Recycling Systems for Yard Waste Recycling In Townhouse Communities - replaced by SWA 17-001
  • SWA 06-004 Expanded Recycling Requirements for Nonresidential and Multifamily Properties - replaced by SWA 17-005
  • SWA 11-001 Free Disposal of Flood-Related Debris
  • SWA 09-001 Temporary Suspension of Separate Yard Waste Collection
  • SWA 06-003 Solid Waste Disposal Companies End of Year Permit Process
  • SWA 06-002 Solid Waste Collection Companies End of Year Permit Process
  • SWA 17-007 Reduced Collection Frequency Pilot Program

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