Small Business Commission

Fairfax County, Virginia


12000 Government Center Parkway
Suite 427

Chris McGough,
Commission Staffer

Education and Outreach Committee


The Education and Outreach Committee’s mission is to help small businesses obtain contracts within Fairfax County. The Committee strives to provide information, training, and other educational resources to small businesses, enabling them to develop their growth potential to achieve success.

Purpose and Scope

The Committee employs all means possible to accomplish its mission through various efforts that include:

• Developing a program and venue that will result in small businesses obtaining contracts from large businesses or departments within the Fairfax County Government
• Coordinating with the Economic Development Authority to gain knowledge on how to foster greater and more collaborative business development
• Implementing a mentorship and training program
• Promoting classes and/or seminars that address immediate small business needs such as networking strategy, legal, marketing, human resources, customer service, etc.
• Working with leaders of various ethnic, faith-based communities, and organizations to better market the Committee's services and resources


The Committee will work to further its relationship with various community resources to utilize them and their facilities. All activities will be consistent with the Small Business Commission's efforts to encourage the creation and growth of small, minority- and women-owned businesses, and those owned by disabled persons in Fairfax County.

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