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Sports Tourism Task Force

On June 6, 2017, the Board of Supervisors authorized the creation of the Sports Tourism Task Force. This task force was formed to better understand the potential economic impact of the $10B and growing sports tourism market and how Fairfax County can take advantage of this market in order to diversify its tax base. It also investigates how the County can develop facilities for its residents paid for in whole or in part by sports tourism-generated revenue.

The Task Force has looked at economic impact models that can be used to determine the value of potential sports tourism opportunities, outlined what investments the County may need to make to achieve specific goals, and determined what policies may need to be changed, enacted, or eliminated.

The reports linked below summarize the task force and subcommittees' work to date:

Final Report (August 2020)

Final Presentation (August 2020)

Interim Report

Subcommittee Reports

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