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James R. Walkinshaw
Braddock District Supervisor

Braddock Hall

The Braddock District Office offers its residents, and not-for-profit community and educational groups the opportunity to use the Braddock Hall conference room at no cost. Use of Braddock Hall does not constitute Fairfax County or Supervisor Walkinshaw’s endorsement or support of the group’s policies or beliefs.

Any individual or group desiring to use Braddock Hall must call (703) 425-9300 or e-mail to reserve the meeting room. A staff member will be available to help you make reservations. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Braddock Hall can accommodate up to 40 people at tables and up to 80 people in a forum setting. The room contains tables, chairs, and a podium as well as a projection screen and is equipped with cable access. Free wireless Internet connection is available, but NO computer or media equipment is available to groups or individuals using Braddock Hall.

Questions about using or reserving Braddock Hall may be referred to the Braddock District Supervisor’s office in person or by telephone call or email:




Phone: (703) 425-9300

Please refer to the COVID-19 safety protocols at the end of this document. Pandemic restrictions may change. This revision supersedes any previous versions.

In order to reserve Braddock Hall, you must call the Braddock Office in advance and provide the contact information for the person/group that will use the room. Use of the room is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note, the Supervisor’s office reserves the right to use the Hall for Braddock District events which take precedence over meetings already scheduled. In the event that your schedule is interrupted by a Braddock event, we will do our best to find an alternative date for your meeting.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all in attendance at your meeting(s) are aware of the room use regulations for groups and organizations utilizing meeting space at this facility.  If you are using the room after 5 pm on weekdays or anytime on the weekend, you must get a key from the Supervisor’s office before your meeting. You will be able to unlock the outside door to the office building and the door to Braddock Hall. When you leave, PLEASE LEAVE BY THE DOOR NEAREST TO BRADDOCK HALL and relock Braddock Hall, relock the outside door and deposit the key in the mailbox outside of the building.


  • Meeting rooms may be used daily, 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and time should include set-up and clean-up. NO amplified music is allowed.  NO open flames or burning materials, including for food service. 


  • Tables and chairs.  This facility has a limited supply of tables and chairs for use in the Braddock Hall. After use, all chairs must be stacked, and all tables folded up and put against the wall.  DO NOT block doorways, or emergency exit with furniture.


  • BRING WHAT YOU NEED!  ALL supplies required for your meetings are your responsibility.  The Supervisor’s Office cannot provide equipment, supplies, copy services, access to computers, etc.  There is WiFi under Guest Services, and you do not need a password to connect. Please note:  Public restrooms are available on site. 


  • You are responsible for cleaning up before departure.  If food is served, tables, chairs, and floors must be cleaned.  All food and beverage crumbs/spills must be removed.  You must bring cleanup supplies – sturdy trash bags, paper towels, cleaning solution and a vacuum cleaner, along with a broom and dustpan.  ALL trash must be bagged and removed.  You must dispose of it in the dumpster behind the Library (exit the building, go left to the back of the building), or take it with you. Do not put it in the trash can inside or outside of the building.


  • In publicizing a meeting to be held in Braddock Hall, the sponsoring group, time, location (including directions) must be clearly identified on all flyers.  Do not include the Braddock District Supervisor’s office telephone number on any flyers.  No selling, soliciting, or admission fees are allowed except fundraising activities as permitted in Procedural Memorandum 25-24.( Fund-Raising Activities.  1. If the usage of the DGC includes the sale of merchandise or services, the applicant must be a nonprofit organization.  The funds raised must be used to support or benefit activities of a nonprofit or noncommercial nature that serve Fairfax County residents. 2. Space may be reserved no more than twice a year per nonprofit organization to sell merchandise or services.)


  • Alcoholic beverages may NOT be served and all groups using County facilities must observe Fairfax County Government smoking ordinances.  Food must be pre-made, catered, or delivered.  Please note, there are NO microwaves available for public use at this facility.  


  • Private property brought into the rooms is the sole responsibility of the owner.  Fairfax County assumes no responsibility or liability for damages to private property or for any personal injury that may occur on County property.  Groups and organizations will be held responsible and liable for any damage done to County property and must report such damage to County staff of the facility where the damage occurred.  Do not leave materials in the room after your meeting to collect at a later time/date – doing so gets in the way of other groups using Braddock Hall. 


  • If you are leaving after 5 pm on weekdays or anytime on the weekends, it is absolutely imperative that you lock both Braddock Hall and the door to the entrance. The last person to leave should check the door to ensure that the door is properly locked. Failure to do so, may result in losing the privilege for the group to make future reservations.


Please note that the maximum occupancy limit is 40 with tables and chairs, 80 with standing or with chairs only.


COVID-19 Safety Protocol:

All participants must abide by current guidelines issued by the Fairfax County Health Department.

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