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Lake Accotink Survey Results

Joint Board Matter with Supervisors McKay, Herrity, and Gross

June 5, 2018


Lake Accotink Survey Results



Madam Chairman,


We have all become aware of the challenges presented by Lake Accotink as it has degraded over the years. If no action is taken to resolve the massive amount of sediment that is collecting in the lake, in seven years, the lake will be gone. We have held a number of public meetings and gathered input from all across Fairfax County. This is so vitally important that we included in the FY2019 Budget Guidance language directing that the County Executive begin exploring options for funding whatever proposal emerges for the future of the Lake.


Public comment has come directly to the Park Authority, our own Board Offices, and through volunteer groups like “Save Lake Accotink.” This dedicated group of volunteers has submitted to me petitions containing 4168 signatures in favor of saving the Lake. Specifically, the petitions call for support of Option C of the Lake Accotink Management Master Plan. That option envisions a full dredge of the entire Lake and then the construction of forebays, which could then be “mini-dredged” each year as a maintenance activity, thus saving the full Lake from repeated large dredging. The petition calls for a 2019 bond to fund this option.


Today, we submit to you, our colleagues, copies of these petitions, which represent a clear calling by the community for the Board to act to save the Lake. While we recommend no particular action today, we do want to inform you of the clear recommendation of a large number of residents as reflected in these petitions. We look forward to working with the County Executive and Park Authority to develop a final recommendation for the future of the Lake, with funding options, and expect to bring a recommendation back to the Board later this year.



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