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Periodically, an assessment is conducted to examine current conditions for residents and communities and efficiently align services and resources to address local needs. Continuing with the three-year cycle which began in 2016, the Needs Assessment 2022 has been published. 

The Needs Assessment 2022 is published in a web-based story map capturing the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and conditions such as high inflation. The assessment also includes employment and labor force insights and sheds light on disparities among Fairfax County residents based on sex, race and ethnicity.

Highlights from the Needs Assessment 2022 include:

  • Steep inflationary increases on the costs of goods and services (i.e., food, healthcare and housing)

  • Costs for transportation, food, health care, housing and tuition/child care all saw steep increases between 2021 and 2022

  • Lower income households are spending more, particularly in the areas of health care and housing

  • Food insecurity affects some areas of the county more than others (specific census tracts with greater need are identified)

  • Lack of English language proficiency limits workforce competitiveness in working age residents

Needs Assessment 2022: Economic Factors

This publication covers the following topics:

  • Employment and Labor Force
  • Household Spending
  • Child Care
  • Food Insecurity
  • Housing
  • English Proficiency

To access a pdf version of the full report, click here.

The previous report completed in 2019 highlighted needs and inequities in three primary areas (economics, health, and transportation). These three areas were identified after extensive review of data and trends, community feedback and in-depth knowledge of subject matter experts from both inside and outside of Fairfax County government. The 2019 needs assessment served as a basis for the 2022 needs assessment.

Materials for the first Needs Assessment in 2016 are below:




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