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CSP Data and Trends


dataCoordinated Services Planning (CSP) actively tracks the types of calls received each day and the general area from which they originate*. Collectively, this data provides one measure of the existing needs throughout Fairfax County and can be beneficial in developing plans and solutions to address specific areas of need.

* The information collected and provided here is strictly limited to the total number of calls received, the types of calls received (organized by topical area) and the general location the calls originate from. For privacy and security purposes, there is no client-specific information (e.g. names, addresses, etc.) included in these reports.

Fairfax County has been divided into four Human Services Regions in order to provide an integrated community-based services delivery system to respond to and anticipate the unique needs of individuals and families within a specific geographical area: 

  • Region 1: Southern Fairfax County

  • Region 2: Eastern Fairfax County

  • Region 3: Northern Fairfax County

  • Region 4: Western Fairfax County

Countywide Trends Reports

Community Services Planning Trends FY23

​​​​​CSP Density of Basic Needs Requests Dashboard with Human Services Regions and Supervisor Districts:

CSP Human Services Regional Breakdown:

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