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Fairfax County awarded $16,836,300 in PIVOT grant funds to Fairfax County businesses adversely affected by the pandemic. 1016 local businesses benefited from grants designed to help those businesses continue their recovery by providing needed capital for ongoing operations. The most hard-hit sectors of the Fairfax County economy were targeted, including hotel, food service, retail and services, and arts and culture industries. 
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The purpose of the Pivot Grant Program was to help address and mitigate the negative economic impacts experienced by small businesses and nonprofits from the COVID-19 public health emergency. This was accomplished through grants to impacted, eligible small businesses and non-profits identified through documented research and analysis. 

The small business and nonprofit sectors are:
•    Food Services
•    Lodging (Hotels) 
•    Retail, Services, and Amusements
•    Art Organizations, Museums, Historical Sites


The accommodation and food services, retail, other services, and arts and entertainment sectors accounted for approximately 50 percent of total job losses in Fairfax County in 2020. The Economic Recovery Framework, a report that details a roadmap to recovery, confirmed that the estimated 48,200 jobs lost in Fairfax County through December 2020 were heavily concentrated in food service, hospitality and retail sectors.

  • Learn more about the PIVOT program recipients in this infographic fact sheet.
  • Visit our PIVOT Grant Awardees page for a detailed listing of all grantees, their award amounts and other grant-related information.  Information can be filtered and sorted.  
  • Do a deep dive into the data check on our PIVOT Dashboard. There you can filter the information by geography, Supervisory District, business type and more.

Original Information on the PIVOT Grant Program

The grants are available in the following categories:

Visit each category to learn more about each program, the grant amounts and other important details. 

For those businesses working on their Phase III documentation-  here is a list of eligible expenses. 

Examples of Eligible Businesses

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