Emergency Management

Fairfax County, Virginia

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Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

The EOC serves as the direction and coordination facility for the Fairfax County government during major emergencies and disasters. Responsibilities include the assignment of resources, establishing policies, and the coordination and approval of all requests for assistance outside the County. The EOC serves as a multi-agency coordination center with the jurisdictional responsibility for Fairfax County and as appropriate, the towns of Clifton, Herndon, and Vienna.
Many county departments and agencies represented at the EOC have off-site, department operations centers (DOC).   These representatives serve as liaisons, coordinating their agency’s emergency response activities from the EOC. The EOC organizational structure is built on the National Incident Management System (NIMS).
Fairfax County Emergency operations Center

Alternative Emergency Operations Center (AEOC)

A secondary  Emergency Operations  Center (AEOC) is also administered by OEM, and is located inside the Fairfax County Government Center. This facility has similar capabilities and is fully integrated with the primary EOC.

Fairfax County Alternate Emergency Operations Center

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