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Cheryl Repetti,

Fairfax County African American History Inventory

In October 2020, a motion was made by Commissioner Naef, seconded by Commissioner McCullough, that the Fairfax County History Commission approve, as a major initiative in 2021, the development of a research inventory by magisterial district, identifying publications, documents, records and such miscellaneous materials that provide access into the histories of African American communities throughout historical Fairfax County. 

A committee was formed in January 2021 led by commissioners Phyllis Walker-Ford and Mary Lipsey.  In an effort to collect, communicate, and preserve African American culture and history, commissioners researched and collected historical information from each district. The initial inventory is posted here on the History Commission website, along with a General Resources Guide and suggested Research Topics. These early draft releases were created for use by students, educators, historians and county residents prior to database release later this year. Residents are encouraged to contact their district’s Commissioners with additional information of any site or resource.

The Inventory includes the following:

  • Physical sites - buildings, archaeological sites, cemeteries, street names, communities
  • Collections - printed materials such as books, brochures, correspondences, photographs, maps, etc.
  • Digital resources – websites, YouTube videos, story maps, etc.
  • Oral histories
  • Church and School histories
  • Historical Roadside Markers
  • Family/private records
  • Objects
  • Places to visit
  • Research sources

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