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Hiring Process Overview

Fairfax County Government's application/selection process includes the following steps. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and the steps are subject to change.

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New job announcements are posted on the county's Current Job Openings page, which is updated each Saturday.

Jobs are usually advertised for one or two weeks.

Check each announcement for the closing date. Applications must be submitted prior to 5 p.m. EST on the closing date.

Did You Know...
• You can create Job Alerts to receive email notices about new jobs in your specific field(s) of interest.

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Interested jobseekers submit an application online at our jobs site, which is powered by

On their first visit, jobseekers create an account with a User ID and password, then create or upload a resume into their account. Resumes can also be imported from a LinkedIn account.

After their application and resume have been completed, jobseekers can click on the Apply tab for the job they are interested in. Next they will complete a series of steps, which may include answering questions, etc. The number and type of steps are determined by the employer who is hiring for the job. They will also have an opportunity to upload relevant or requested attachments. When the steps are completed, on the Certify & Submit page, they will click on Accept and Submit to submit their application.

Did You Know...

  • You will receive an email stating your application has been received. 
  • You can then follow the status of jobs you've applied for by checking Application Status in your account.


After the job announcement has closed, applications and supplemental information are reviewed by Recruiters in the Department of Human Resources (DHR). Applications are reviewed against the job's qualifications and requirements—based on the information in the job announcement—to find the applicants that are the closest match.

To remain in consideration for the job, applicants' submissions must clearly demonstrate that they meet...

  • All the Minimum Qualifications
  • All the Special Requirements (certificates and licenses, physical requirements, etc.)
  • As many as possible of the Preferred Qualifications

Working from the resumes that have passed the first part of the review process (Step 3), DHR creates a 'Referred List' of the top-rated resumes to go forward in the process.

The Referred List usually includes 10 to 15 resumes. In some cases that number may be slightly higher or lower. This list typically includes 10 to 15 applicants, who are forwarded to the hiring manager for consideration.

Did You Know...

  • The Application Status for the job will be either REFERRED (if you are on the Referred List) or NOT REFERRED during this phase.
  • Even if you meet the qualifications, you may not be REFERRED because of the number and competitiveness of resumes received. It's normal for applicant pools at Fairfax County to include hundreds of well-qualified applicants, and only the top-rated will advance in the process. 

The hiring department decides which applicants from the Referred List will be interviewed. Not every applicant will be interviewed; however, no less than 'half plus one' of the Referred List applicants will be interviewed. For example, if the List includes ten people, six (or more) will be interviewed.

Interviews are usually conducted by a panel of three or more people.

Some interview processes also include a job-related exercise, written test, oral exam, performance test and/or assessment center.

An offer of employment is made to the applicant who was determined to be the best match for the position.

All interviewed applicants who did not get a job offer are notified—by email or letter—of the final outcome of the selection process.

Prior to starting work, a background check will be made on most applicants offered employment. It may include checks of:

  • criminal background record (initiated by fingerprinting)
  • driving record credit history (for financial positions)
  • education
  • professional licenses

Pre-employment Medical Examination

If indicated in the job announcement, an applicant must satisfactorily meet required medical standards for the job in a medical examination conducted by county-designated medical staff.