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Simran Dhami,
County Archivist

Archives and Records Management Branch


Archives and Records Management Branch

The Archives and Records Management Branch provides professional assistance and advice to county agencies on the management, retention and storage of their records. We ensure that legally mandated retention schedules, preservation standards, security measures and levels of access are followed for both permanent and non-permanent records regardless of the physical format or location of such records.  County Agency inquiries/questions about record transfers, storage, disposition procedures, reformatting and other information should contact Archives directly.

Access to Public Records

It is the responsibility of each individual agency to assure that they maintain compliance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (Va. Code § 2.2-3700, et. seq.) and provide appropriate and timely access to public records. Not all county records are maintained at the Records Center. Most current records are retained by the creating agency. Some others are either created electronically or converted to a digital format for retention by the agency. Therefore, any citizen desiring access to material that may be stored in the Records Center must contact the originating agency first in order to do so.

Historical and Genealogical Records

While our jurisdiction includes public records initiated by the Board of Supervisors, committees, commissions, authorities and agencies from 1870 to the present, most such records are retained for only a short time. Persons engaged in historical or genealogical research should contact the Virginia Room, Fairfax City Regional Library for expert assistance.

General District Court Records

The Archives and Records Branch is now open to the public on an APPOINTMENT ONLY basis. Please collect all the necessary information below from the General District Court prior to contacting our office to request an appointment.

The Records Center is the repository for many but not all misdemeanor case records from the Fairfax County General District Court. Cases are typically maintained at the Clerk’s Office for five years before being sent to the Records Center. Some case records are never sent to Archives and others may be recalled by the Court for various reasons. Since Archives does not have access to the full range of case indexes, we are often unable to make a positive determination as to the location of a given case.

In order to receive quick and accurate service customers must begin all case searches by contacting the Clerk of Court. If the case files are at Archives, they will provide you with the following information which is required to locate any records stored in our facility:

  • Case Number
  • Defendant’s Name
  • Accession Number
  • Box Number
  • Final Disposition Date
  • Charge
General District Court Document Fees * All copy prices subject to change

Copies  - $1.00 per printed page for the first two pages and $.50 per page for each page over two; Certification – no charge.  Note: A retrieval fee is charged for cases provided to the customer by fax, e-mail or U. S. Mail. The fee is $5 for the first 5 cases per order and $1 for each additional case.  Payment is received via credit card or debit card only.

The Circuit Court and Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court both maintain their own records.

Copy fees mandated by the VFOIA Countywide Policy

Copy Type:

Paper Size:

Black & White 8.5 x 11 $0.13
Black & White 8.5 x 14 $0.13
Black & White 11 x 17 $0.14
Color 8.5 x 11 $0.19
Color 8.5 x 14 $0.19
Color 11 x 17 $0.20

* All copies on oversized paper (larger than 11x17) cost $3.50 per page.

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