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IT Plan

FY2020 Adopted IT Plan CoverThe IT Plan describes funded technology projects through the annual Adopted Budget that accomplishes goals and objectives of sponsoring agencies; provides status and accomplishments of ongoing projects; identifies resources required for implementation; and states return on investment benefits projected by project sponsors. Projects are linked to the sponsoring agency’s strategy, outreach and operational improvement plans, technology goals established by IT executive management, and/or the Board of Supervisors’ goals, initiatives, and the County’s Vision Elements.  The County's IT Plan is focused on principles, investments and strategies, and is organized in six sections.  The six sections include Information Technology Governance, Strategic Directions and Initiatives, Information Technology Projects, Management Controls and Processes, Information Technology Architecture and Infrastructure Foundation and Completed Projects.


FY 2020 Adopted IT Plan (all sections included)

Section 1: IT Governance 
    1.0  Technology Organization and Governance
    1.1  Department of Information Technology Organization
    1.2  Regional and National Prominence in the IT Community
Section 2: Strategic Directions and Initiatives 
    2.1  Digital Government/E-Government
    2.2  Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    2.3  Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    2.4  Enterprise Content and Document Management
    2.5  Technology Infrastructure Initiatives
    2.6  Integrative Health and Human Services Model and Information Technology
    2.7  Planning and Land Use System Modernization

Section 3: Information Technology Projects 
    3.1  Technology Overview
    3.2  Public Safety
    3.3  Corporate Enterprise
    3.4  Technology Infrastructure
    3.5  Human Services
    3.6  Planning and Development

Section 4: Management Control and Processes 
    4.1  Information Management Framework
    4.2  Strategic Planning Process
    4.3  Architectural Planning and Execution
    4.4  System Development Life Cycle Standards (SDLCS)
    4.5  Project/Portfolio Management Office (PMO)
    4.6  IT Project Management Training Program

Section 5: Architecture and Infrastructure Foundation 
    5.1  Enterprise Architecture
    5.2  Application and Data Architecture
            5.2.1  The Application Tools
    5.3  Platform Architecture
            5.3.1  Platforms
            5.3.2  Storage Area Network
    5.4  Network Architecture
            5.4.1  Enterprise Data Communications Network
            5.4.2  Institutional Network (I-Net)
            5.4.3  Mobile Data Network
            5.4.4  Voice Communications Network
            5.4.5  Public Service and Public Safety Radio Networks
    5.5  Internet Architecture
    5.6  Cyber Security Architecture
    5.7  Technology Architecture Standards

  Section 6: Delivered Projects History 

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