Information Security Office

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Michael Dent
Chief Cyber Security and Privacy Officer (CCSPO)

Information Security Office (ISO)

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Fairfax County Government progressively uses information technology for the effective management of government programs that deliver services to our constituency and regional partners, as well as to perform internal administrative functions. The County ensures the confidentiality, privacy, integrity, and availability of its information and communications systems and data through the governance of County information systems, critical communications and platform infrastructure and devices by implementing information security policies that meet federal, state, and local regulations and mitigate risk and vulnerabilities but also assist in meeting the business technology needs and requirements of our stakeholders. DIT implements information systems, applications, and other devices according to existing policies, standards, and procedures as well as assist in the development of information systems policies, standards, architectures, procedures, organizational structures, and other management tools to be consistent with industry best practices and legal requirements. DIT is the primary custodian of data and information for agencies; however, agencies are the owners of their data and are required to provide appropriate stewardship and lifecycle management.

Cybersecurity Gear ImageThe ISO is led by the Chief Cyber Security and Privacy Officer (CCSPO), Michael Dent, who implements the requirements of the Fairfax County Information Technology Information Security Program. ISO develops security policy in accordance with County policies and standards and laws, provides information security consultation and guidance to County agencies and departments, conducts incident response, manages enterprise security devices and applications, and acts on incidents and violations.

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