Internal Audit

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Audit Services

Operational Audits are performed to evaluate county program/process' efficiency and effectiveness.  These audits are completed to determine the adequacy of controls over areas such as money coming into the county; purchases made; waste and ineffective sue of county resources; compliance to contract/legal requirements and fraud.

Information Technology Audits are performed to ensure that data processed on information systems is secure, complete and accurate.  In these audits, we examine the county's information technology infrastructure, policies and operations to ensure there are proper information system controls to protect company information assets and data; validate compliance with IT specific privacy laws; make sure information is correctly processed in the system; and ensure that system reports used in management decisions are accurate.

Business Process Audits are performed to ensure that agencies/department are in compliance with county policies for tasks required of them by the central service agencies - Department of Finance and Department of Purchasing and Material Management.  These audits make sure that controls are at appropriate levels to minimize the county's risks for error or fraud and provide management assurance that purchasing and finance activities are properly performed.

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