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Do You Agree With 5G?

FCPL’s Opposing Viewpoints database sheds light on charged issues — like the next generation of wireless technology.

5G Technology: The Good, the Bad and the Conspiracy

block text 5G filled in with illustrated people, buildings, transportation, landscape elements in bold color and 2D designThe next generation of wireless technology, referred to as 5G, is steadily rolling out across the nation and offering quicker, smoother downloads and more rapid access to information. At nearly 100 times faster than its predecessor, this telecommunications upgrade promises a better user experience. But is faster always better?

From its launch, 5G created a buzz of fear that it could be harmful to people’s health. Early protests focused on the electromagnetic radiation it emits. As the coronavirus spread across the globe, viral posts on social media began to allege that 5G was causing COVID-19. Other conspiracy theories claimed that 5G cell towers help spread the virus. Many who are not worried about its health impacts are concerned about increased privacy issues or a continued widening of the digital divide.

The case of 5G serves as a prime example of a modern paradox: We’ve never had more access to information, yet it’s never been more difficult to determine what is accurate.

An Authoritative Resource

As a resource for accurate information, Fairfax County Public Library offers many online databases to help customers find the answers they are looking for. Whether you seek more information about charged issues — like 5G — or support in promoting civil conversation, the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database can help.

Found in FCPL’s online Research Center, Opposing Viewpoints provides authoritative topic overviews along with various opinions and perspectives on current issues. Explore all sides of an issue with access to reference articles, infographics, news, images, video, audio and more. You don’t need an advanced degree to access and understand such a wealth of information — just a library card!

Click here to see Opposing Viewpoints in the FCPL database collection.

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