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Fairfax County, Virginia

CONTACT INFORMATION: —Open Monday–Friday | 8–5—

TTY 703-324-8365

12000 Government Center Parkway Suite 123
Fairfax VA 22030

Rose Asuquo,
Branch Manager

Access Services


May 18, 2020

The Access Services library is currently providing service via phone, mail, email, Overdrive, and BARD to our Talking Books, and Home Delivery customers.

Until further notice, all Access Services walk in orientations, tours, events, presentations, outreach and deposit site visits are cancelled.

If you or someone you know cannot read standard print materials or are unable to physically visit a local library due to age, disability, illness or frailty; we can help! Email us at or call at 703-324-8380 for more information.

Centreville Regional Library

Access Services Hours:
Access Services hours are: Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

703-324-8380 | TTY: 703-324-8365

The Access Services branch removes barriers to library services for people with disabilities. Our many services include: providing opportunities to learn about assistive technology and equipment, providing books in alternative formats to people with vision impairments and delivering books to readers who cannot visit a local library. We welcome invitations to present informational programs and participate in community events.

Customers discover assistive technologies at Access Services-sponsored event.

Check out the new YouTube video by Fairfax County’s Channel 16 staff showing all the great services we offer at Access Services:


Branch Contacts

Branch Manager: Rose Asuquo
Volunteer Coordinator: Sarah Guy  (find volunteer opportunities at Access Services)
Outreach Manager: Ken Plummer
Talking Book System Manager: Brian Rogers
Board Trustee Member: Stella Pekarsky - Sully District
Advisory Group Chair: Cheryl Piper

Library Affiliations

Access Services Advisory Group
Vision Support Groups

Languages Spoken

Languages spoken by staff at our branch include: Spanish and Hindi.
Please call to find out when a speaker of a specific language may be available to help.

Branch Services

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