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Ashley Atkinson
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Indie Author Project Award-Winning Books

Indie Author Project

Every spring, the Indie Author Project holds a contest where they choose the best indie-published book in regions throughout North America. Download our Libby app to read the eBooks that won in Virginia!

  • To Have a Highland Thief by Lori Ann Bailey
  • Having lost her parents at a young age, Flora MacGregor grows up as the substitute mother for a group of notorious criminals. She hates stealing, but to save her adopted brother, she takes to the streets to pick pockets. When she lifts a jewel-filled box from an Earl, he tracks her down and demands the return of his box. Bargains are made as they both discover they need and want something from each other, but can the Earl trust the word of a thief?
  • The Last Good Day by Robert Kugler
  • Two best friends. One last day. One huge secret that changes everything. A talented musician, Avery is leaving home in New Jersey to study at the Boston Conservatory of Music. Before Avery leaves, he has one last day at the Jersey Shore with his best friend, Angela, who has been unusually distant all summer. When Angela finally reveals the reasons behind that distance, it changes everything.
  • Daykeeper by Ran Walker
  • Ed Nelson is struggling to recover from the devastating loss of his wife to cancer. Into this new environment walks Tanya, a woman half his age, who immediately reminds him of his late wife. Ed and Tanya develop an unlikely friendship, and he must now confront what it means to be a widower making sense of a life full of new and unexpected complications. 2019 Regional Contest Winner.
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