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Literary Would-You-Rather

Literary Would-Your-Rather

By Marisa Rodriguez, School-Age and Teen Services Outreach Coordinator

Exploring our reading preferences is one of the best ways to learn about ourselves. By asking reflective questions, we not only get to know our literary wants and needs better, but it can even improve our ability to select new books - although your local Fairfax County Public Library (FCPL) librarian can also help with that.

Use these book-related Would-You-Rather questions to get yourself thinking about your reading habits, why you love your favorite book and what your literary deal breakers are.

Would you rather... 

  • Have the ending of a book spoiled -OR- Never find out the ending 
  • Meet your favorite character -OR- Meet your favorite author 
  • Be trapped inside a romance novel -OR- Be trapped inside a mystery novel 
  • Be transported the setting of a historical fiction book -OR- Be transported the setting of a science fiction book 
  • Read a book from the perspective of a main character who you relate to -OR- Read a book from the perspective of a main character who is different from you 
  • Communicate solely via graphic novel -OR- Communicate solely via poem 
  • Guess a predictable ending early on -OR- Be surprised by a disappointing ending 
  • Design your favorite book’s cover -OR- Compile your favorite books accompanying playlist 
  • Skip the first book in a series -OR- Skip the last book in a series 
  • Be the main character in your favorite book -OR- Be the main character’s best friend in your favorite book 
  • Be able to only read books by one author for the rest of your life -OR- Never be able to read a book by the same author twice 


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