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New Grab-and-Go Craft Programs

*As of spring 2021, Grab-and-Go programs have been renamed "Take & Make" programs. Click here to learn about and find Take & Make activities.*

Terrarium illustration

Looking for indoor activities to pass the cold-weather months?

If you want to learn a new hobby or practice a hands-on skill but don’t want to buy the needed materials or tools, we have you covered!

Beginning this January, the library will offer Grab-and-Go craft programs for adults that combine a take-home kit with a virtual workshop. Program participants will pick up a kit containing all the items required for learning a new skill and use it to follow along with an instructional video or livestream. The process for using these craft kits is simple:

  1. Register for a Grab-and-Go program through the online events calendar.
  2. Complete a short form to tell us at which branch you will pick up the craft kit. We will send the kit to this branch and notify you when it is available for pick-up.
  3. Go to the branch and check out the craft kit.
  4. Participate in the program, either by viewing a recorded video or attending a live virtual event.
  5. Return the kit to the library.

Currently, several types of Grab-and-Go programs are in the works, including jewelry making, terrarium building and heat embossing. Stay tuned to the library events calendar to see when these programs are available.

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