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Outdoor Spring Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor Spring Scavenger Hunt

Get outdoors and explore the world around you!

By Tina Mraz, FCPL Early Literacy Services Coordinator

As the temperatures warm, it is a great time to get outdoors and discover the changes happening in the natural world around us. Scavenger hunts offer an opportunity for children practice their observational skills. Talk to children about what they expect to see when the seasons change from winter to spring as you seek the following items and experiences.

Find a:

  • o Bee
  • o Bird
  • o Butterfly
  • o Clouds
  • o Flower
  • o Insects at Work
  • o Ladybug
  • o Moth
  • o Mushroom
  • o Nest
  • o Puddle
  • o Spider
  • o Squirrel
  • o Sticks
  • o Tree
  • o Web

Use your senses to:

  • o feel the sunshine.
  • o feel the wind.
  • o hear the birds.
  • o hear a lawn mower.
  • o smell flowers.
  • o smell grass.
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