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Books that Support Social-Emotional Skills

Books that Support Social-Emotion Skills

By Charlotte Frank, FCPL Early Literacy Assistant

Strengthen your children’s social-emotional learning with these books all about feelings and how we deal with them.

Big Feelings by Alexandra Penfold, illust. by Suzanne Kaufman
Children express a multitude of feelings and discover they are not alone.

Everything will Be OK by Anna Dewdney, illust. by Judy Schachner
Bunny learns even if they are unhappy, there will always be a bright spot on the horizon.

Jenny Mei is Sad by Tracy Subisak
Jenny Mei is sad, and her friend tries to comfort her.

Memoirs of a Tortoise by Devin Scillian, illust. by Tim Bowers
Oliver, the tortoise, wonders why his human has stopped visiting his garden after eighty years.

Moody Moody Cars by Eileen Kennedy-Moore, photos by Michael Furman
Classic cars express a range of feelings to teach children about facial expressions.

Out of a Jar by Deborah Marcero
A small rabbit hides away his overwhelming emotions in jars, until he sets them free.

Ravi’s Roar by Tom Percival
Ravi feels unfairly treated because he is small.

The Boy with Flowers in His Hair by Jarvis
The hardship of illness brings about kindness and friendship.

Today I Feel: An Alphabet of Feelings by Madalena Moniz
Every letter of the alphabet portrays an emotion.

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