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Storytime Bonus: Real-World Manners Practice


three dogs with speech bubbles saying please, thank you, and sorry

Library storytimes don’t just teach early literacy skills and encourage a love of reading. They also provide a wealth of opportunities — like the examples below — to practice those manners you are trying so hard to teach your child.

What Do We Say?

While waiting for storytime to begin, practice polite conversation. You can prompt your child to say hello, give their name, and tell or show how old they are. Remind them to say “please” and “thank you,” and, if necessary, “I’m sorry.”

I’m OK, You’re OK

At storytime your child may meet others from cultures, races and family groupings different from their own. These early interactions can help form a person who does not judge others based on stereotypes and is accepting and welcoming of all.

Mine, Yours, Ours

Children also learn about sharing and personal possessions at storytime. You may find yourself saying, “That’s her toy, so you can’t take it,” or maybe, “These toys are for all of us, so now you need to give him a turn.”

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