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Technology Use & Young Children


Technology Use and Young Children

By Amy Dargart-Stewart, FCPL Early Literacy Assistant

Children learn about the world around them by using their senses: hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, feeling. Technology can be a part of this learning, especially if parents participate with their children. Interactive programs that engage young children in playful activities are particularly good at helping young children learn. One example is Sparkler Learning’s Big Heart World, which offers videos, books lists and activities that parents can enjoy together with their children. Plus, its podcast for parents, Little Kids, Big Hearts, discusses introducing big topics to your children. Sharing technology time together helps parents talk with children, use new vocabulary and demonstrate good ways to use technology.

Technology can also help children strengthen relationships, both with themselves and others. A child may gain confidence in expressing him/herself using a drawing or writing activity. A child may share ideas with others or solve a puzzle together.

Children and families have many different needs. Technology use will not look the same in every family. Remembering to focus on active learning and relationships can help parents make good decisions about technology use for young children.

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