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Variance Process

All variance requests require the submission of the Variance application package.  Fairfax County's Variance Process takes approximately 90 days, from the time an application is filed, to the time of the Board of Supervisors Public Hearing.

Process Overview

  1. Application is filed by the Applicant.
  2. Application submissions are reviewed. when all zoning ordinance submission requirements are met, applications are accepted (start of the 90 day process)
  3. Application is scheduled for public hearing, is assigned to a staff coordinator, and distributed to various county agencies.
  4. Prestaffing of application. Applicant contacted by staff about initial staff comments.
  5. Revisions relating to prestaffing comments are submitted.
  6. Staffing of application/Applicant will be contacted by staff about final staff comments.
  7. Revisions relating to the staffing comments are submitted.
  8. Notification to adjacent property owners (sent to Applicant 40 days prior to hearing, notices mailed by Applicant postmarked at least 15 days prior to hearing). Instructions for Preparing Legal Notices for Board of Zoning Appeals Public Hearings.
  9. Staff report published (1 week prior to hearing).
  10. Board of Zoning Appeals Public Hearing.

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The development review process applies to all those seeking approval of a rezoning, a special exception, a special permit or a variance in Fairfax County.