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Kevin Davis
Chief of Police

Message from Kevin Davis, Chief of Police, Fairfax County, Virginia

Each Fairfax County police officer has taken an oath of office to protect and serve our community and each officer is held to the highest of standards to protect the sanctity of life, human rights, and to uphold the law. The Fairfax County Police Department's General Orders, rules, regulations, policies, and standards require that any deployment of deadly force shall be reasonably necessary when all other forms of de-escalation options are not effective or viable for the specific situation. The Police Department responds to an average of over 400,000 calls for service each year.  Unfortunately, there are times where force options are required to protect and serve our community and one of these force options is the deployment of deadly force. Your Police Department will continue to maintain the highest levels of hiring standards, recruit training, in-service training, crisis management and intervention training, best-practice policies, wellness support to our employees, and increasing positive engagement with all in the community.

When an officer deploys deadly force, they are relieved of duty while two parallel investigations are conducted. Detectives from the Department's Criminal Investigations Bureau will respond to the event along with other investigative support personnel to conduct a criminal investigation for the Office of the Fairfax County Commonwealth's Attorney. Additionally, detectives from the Police Department's Internal Affairs Bureau will respond to the event to start the Department's administrative internal investigation which is focused on whether or not the involved officer's deployment of deadly force was reasonably necessary in accordance with policies, training, rules, and regulations. The Internal Affairs Bureau also investigates all the operational and administrative actions of all involved in the event to determine compliance with our policies, training, rules, and regulations; and to assess whether or not revisions to policies, training, rules, and regulations are needed to increase our goal of protecting the sanctity of life for all.

We have made the information available on this page to build trust and to create constructive dialogue with the community to increase the understanding of the investigation of officer-involved shootings. Additionally, through many formal and informal processes, we desire to increase engagement with the community and our profession to constantly seek input to enhance our practices, especially those related to the deployment of deadly force.

On this page you will find officer-involved shooting summary tables with interactive links to information, maps, a flow chart of investigative processes, and demographic data. The Police Department will continue to provide updates to this web page as it becomes available.

Kevin Davis
Chief of Police

Fairfax Virtual Assistant