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Marcus Moore
TDM Liaison and Program Manager

Employer Services Program

The Fairfax County Employer Services Program will help your business and employees find transportation solutions that will not only make your company more successful, but improve the economic vitality and quality of life for the entire region. The Employer Services Specialist will work on-site with you to help you realize the bottom-line benefits of commute alternatives.

How Your Company Benefits from Commute Alternatives:

  • Improved employee productivity
  • Improved morale
  • Easier recruitment and retention
  • Reduced parking and office space needs and costs
  • Easier access and traffic flow at work site
  • Reduced absenteeism and late arrivals
  • Public recognition as a good corporate citizen

How Your Employee Benefits from Commute Alternatives:

  • Reduced commuting time and expenses
  • Reduced wear-and-tear on personal vehicles
  • Less stress
  • More productive time while riding to and from work
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Access to HOV lanes

How Your Community Benefits from Commute Alternatives:

  • Easier travel on streets and highways
  • Increased economic vitality
  • Economic development benefits
  • Cleaner air
  • Improved overall quality of life

Join the Partnership for a Stress Free Commute

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Post commute alternative information on your Web site, intranet, newsletter, and employee bulletin board.

The Employer Services Program can provide helpful services to your company free of charge:

  • Development of tax-free commute benefit programs (SmartBenefits®)
  • Development of a telework program
  • On-site transportation assessments
  • Confidential employee commute surveys
  • Mapping of employee residence patterns
  • Computerized ridematching
  • Corporate relocation assistance
  • On-site rideshare promotions and displays
  • Help with carpool and vanpool formations
  • Assistance in implementing alternative commute programs and incentives
  • Coordination with nearby companies to establish commuter programs
  • Training an on-site Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC)
  • Development of incentive programs
  • Transit schedules, route maps and park-and-ride information.
  • New employee commute options information
  • Assessment of parking options
  • Program follow-up and evaluation

Useful Links:

For additional program information or questions, call the Fairfax County Department of Transportation Employer Services Program at (703) 877-5600 TTY: 711.

For more information on similar services offered to residential communities please visit Commuter Friendly Communities.

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