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SmartBenefits Plu$50

Kick off the new year with an employee incentive; $50 to try transit!  

Smart Benefits Plus 50

SmartBenefits® "Plu$50" for Employees

SmartBenefits® "Plu$50" is an incentive program that offers employees a free $50 SmarTrip® card to try transit by enrolling in their employers' monthly commuter benefits program. Whether you are new to transit, are exploring a new route because of workplace or home changes, or new to the area, you may be eligible for the Plu$50 SmarTrip® card.  

How can you get started? If your employer offers a commuter benefits program, enroll in your program and have your company representative contact our employer Outreach Team so we can prepare a free $50 card for you.  If your employer doesn't currently have a commuter benefits program in place, one of our Fairfax County Commuter Services team members can work with your employer representative to create a SmartBenefits program so you can take advantage of the program.

For more information, contact the Employer Outreach Team at 703-877-5900 or DOTCommuterServices@fairfaxcounty.gov

The SmartBenefits® "Plu$50" program is available while funding lasts.

Please Note: Fairfax County government employees, federal government employees, those currently enrolled in a SmartBenefits account, and current vanpool and transit users are not eligible for this incentive. 

SmartBenefits Plu$50 Transit Incentive Survey

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