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Residential Permit Parking District Program (RPPD)

Click image to view interactive map of existing RPPDs

The Fairfax County Residential Permit Parking District (RPPD) program was created to reduce traffic in residential areas, protect those areas from the environmental impacts of commuting, allow access to properties, and preserve the residential character of these areas. This is accomplished by creating on-street parking restrictions in designated areas in accordance with the Code of the County of Fairfax, Chapter 82, Article 5A.



Click here to view the RPPD Map (Interactive map of existing RPPDs)

Residential Permit Parking Districts are established in designated blocks to prohibit parking by non-residents. Vehicles parked in violation are subject to a $75 fine for each violation and may be towed at the owner’s expense. Districts are normally created in areas near schools or metro stations where the availability of parking for residents is affected by non-resident parking. The qualifications for establishing a Residential Permit Parking District are:

  • Residential road within 2000 ft. walking distance from a pedestrian entrance and/or 1000 ft. from the property boundary of a high school, college/university or metro station pedestrian entrance; OR
  • Other residential streets where 75% of the parking spaces are occupied by vehicles and of those parked vehicles at least 50% are non-resident. A minimum of 100 contiguous spaces are needed to establish a new district. This minimum does not pertain to an expansion.

The procedures for establishing a Residential Parking Permit District are:

  1. A request is made to the district supervisor by the HOA and forwarded to FCDOT
  2. FCDOT reviews road documenting eligibility for restriction and conducts field review if required
  3. Petition forms and map are issued by FCDOT if eligible
  4. The community gathers signatures verifying at least 60% support for the proposed area and more than 50% support along each block face
  5. Fee of $10 per petitioning address and completed petition are returned to supervisor
  6. The district supervisor forwards the petition to FCDOT for review
  7. The district supervisor forwards fee to FCDOT if petition meets requirements
  8. The Board of Supervisors conducts a public hearing and approves proposed parking district
  9. FCDOT installs "No Parking Except by Permit" on all affected roads

Temporary Residential Permit Parking Districts: Temporary RPPDs may be established to address short-term situations, such as construction projects, which last at least six months in duration and create temporary parking problems in adjacent residential areas. A temporary district must be approved by the Board of Supervisors.

NOTE: Homeowner's Association (HOA) implies civic association, as applicable. In lieu of any association, a letter signed by ten residents may be submitted to the local supervisor for consideration of RPPD inclusion.

Please visit our RPPD Application page. When you apply for a permanent parking permit your driver's license and vehicle registration at DMV have to show your RPPD address (exceptions apply). The vehicle you want a permit for is also required to be registered with the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration (DTA) with your RPPD address as the 'garaged address'.

Residential Permit Parking Districts are marked by signs indicating the parking restriction details. Districts that specify SCHOOL DAYS restrict parking during the standard school year calendar.

There are several different types of permits and passes used in RPPDs:

  • Vehicle Permit – Valid for up to one year. They are affixed to the lower left of a vehicle's rear window (may not be taped on). If the vehicle does not have a rear window or the window is obscured, the permit may be displayed on the rear-most driver's side window in the lower right corner.
  • Visitor Pass – Eligible residences may be issued one visitor pass.
    If your address is eligible for a visitor pass and one has not already been issued for the address, you will receive one automatically when we fulfill the first request for a permanent vehicle permit at your address. Visitor passes are not issued to multifamily or townhouse addresses which have off-street parking provided.
    A visitor pass is to be used by visitors to your home and is to be returned to you when they leave. It is not to be used by individuals residing at your address or loaned to others to use while not visiting your home such as parking for METRO or attending school. Misuse of a visitor pass can result in confiscation of the pass and a fine of $100. The pass is to be displayed on the front dashboard of the vehicle.
  • Sixty-Day Pass – Valid for up to sixty days, issued to persons who have just moved into an RPPD or have purchased a new vehicle and do not yet have the required documentation for a permit. A resident is entitled to only one 60-day pass. The pass is to be displayed on the front dashboard of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Exemption Pass – Issued at the discretion of the Police Department or DOT to allow vehicles to park in RPPDs on a temporary basis for a specific reason. The pass is to be displayed on the front dashboard of the vehicle. Vehicle exemption passes are typically issued for a single day, in limited quantity.
    *RPPD residents requesting an exemption pass must provide the license plate number of the vehicle that will display the pass.
  • Non-Resident Owner Pass – Issued for a two week maximum to non-resident property owners who need to park in an RPPD to remodel or repair their property. The pass is to be displayed on the front dashboard of the vehicle.

Note: RPPD restrictions do not apply to public agency vehicles or marked vehicles actively providing services or deliveries.

Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration (DTA)
According to the Fairfax County Code, new/moving residents, or those registering a vehicle for the first time with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), must also register their vehicle with the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration (DTA) within 60 days after purchase or entry into or moving within the County (even active military) for personal property tax purposes. When you register or change your address with DMV, they do not inform Fairfax County of this change. You must take steps to do this yourself.

If you have not yet registered with DTA, you can do so on the DTA Vehicle Registration web page. Please take note of the Transaction Reference Number (TRN) at the end of your session, you will need this number to apply for an RPPD permit. If you have moved a vehicle within Fairfax County or need to update your information, you can do so on the DTA Vehicle Update Options web page.

Commonwealth of Virginia
Virginia Code requires vehicles parked in Virginia to have Virginia license plates on both the front and rear of the vehicle within 30 days of entry into Virginia unless you are active military. If you are moving within the state, the same 30 days applies to an address change. Information on how to register a vehicle in Virginia is available at any one of the local offices of the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or on the DMV web site.

Vehicles parked in violation of an RPPD restriction are subject to a $75 fine for each violation and may be towed at the owner's expense.

Violations of the following provisions are subject to a $100 fine:

  • It shall be unlawful for any person to represent that they are entitled to a parking permit/pass when they are not so entitled, to fail to destroy a permit/pass to which they are no longer entitled, or to park a vehicle displaying such a permit/pass at any time when the user of such permit/pass is not entitled to it.
  • It shall be unlawful for any person entitled to a visitor pass to allow said pass to be used by anyone other than a person visiting a residence in the specified Residential Permit Parking District.

For other questions or comments please see the RPPD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, call the automated RPPD Information Line at (703)-877-5877, the Department of Transportation main number at (703)-877-5600 (TTY:711) or use our online contact form.