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Community Parking Districts (CPD)

Click image to view interactive map of existing CPDs

Community Parking Districts (CPD) prohibit the parking of watercraft, motor homes, campers, trailers, vehicles greater than or equal to 3 axles, vehicles with a GVWR greater than or equal to 12,000 lbs., and vehicles transporting greater than or equal to 16 passengers (except school buses) on public streets in residentially zoned areas. Vehicles parked in violation are subject to a $75 fine for each violation and may be towed at the owner’s expense.  

A CPD can be established by a large area application or by petition.

Establishing a CPD by Petition

The petition process is used for smaller areas and has the following qualifications and procedures:

  • Residentially-zoned area
  • Minimum size 5 block face OR 2000 linear feet
  1. A request is made to the district supervisor by the HOA
  2. The district supervisor forwards the request to FCDOT
  3. FCDOT issues the petition and petition area maps
  4. The community gathers signatures verifying greater than or equal to 60% support for the proposed district and greater than 50% support along each block
  5. A fee of $10 per petitioning address is remitted with the returned petitions
  6. The district supervisor forwards the petitions to FCDOT
  7. The Board of Supervisors conducts a public hearing to approve the proposed parking district
  8. FCDOT installs “Community Parking District” signs listing prohibitions at strategic locations

Exemptions include: vehicles used by federal, state or local public agencies to provide services; commercial vehicles discharging passengers, performing work or providing services; vehicles temporarily parked, for up to 48 hours, for the purpose of loading, unloading or preparing for a trip. See the Code of the County of Fairfax, Chapter 82, Article 5B for more on the program and exemptions. For additional information contact us via our e-mail contact form.

NOTE: Homeowner's Association (HOA) implies civic association, as applicable. In lieu of any association, a letter signed by ten residents may be submitted to the local supervisor for consideration of CPD inclusion.

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